About Us

Foster Fuels, Inc. — headquartered in Brookneal, VA – celebrated 95 years of business in 2016. Foster Fuels maintains at a company-owned, dedicated standby emergency division ready to activate, organize, deploy, and manage emergency fuel supply services for contract customers. Foster emergency customers include private industry, Federal, state, and local government across the continental United States. Foster’s emergency management team supports a continuous process of planning, analysis, and innovation. Foster has extensive experience with emergency plan preparation, procedure writing, training, and emergency response demonstrations. Through mentoring, collaboration, and sharing lessons learned, our trusted subcontractors are prepared to stand with Foster Fuels to provide standardized equipment and fuel under emergency conditions pre or post disaster.

Foster has owned and operated a dedicated emergency response division since 2005. Foster’s experience includes extensive work during major regional disasters in varied extreme conditions. Foster Fuels is the prime contractor for supplying emergency ground fuel during presidentially declared emergencies for FEMA along with several other high profile, mission-critical organizations throughout the United States.

Notable wide-scale emergency responses have been for:

  • Hurricane Isabel, 2003 (VA), Hurricane Ivan, 2004 (FL)
  • Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, 2005 (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, NJ)
  • Hurricanes Gustav & Ike, 2008 (LA, TX)
  • Kentucky Ice Storms, 2009 (KY)
  • Haiti Earthquake, 2010 (Port Au Prince, Haiti)
  • Alabama Tornados, 2011 (AL, TN)
  • Hurricane Irene, 2011 (NC, VA, NJ, NY, MA, CT)
  • Northeast Snow Storm, 2011 (CT, MA, NH)
  • Mid-Atlantic Derecho, 2012 (OH, WV, VA, MD, NC)
  • Hurricane Isaac, 2012 (LA)
  • Super storm Hurricane Sandy, 2012 (PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA)
  • Winter Storm Nemo, 2013 (MA,CT, RI, NH, NY)

Foster Fuels provides Emergency Bulk Fuel, Generator Fueling, Fleet Fueling, Fuel Quality Programs, and Disaster Planning Services 24/7/365 nationwide. Foster Fuels differentiates itself from other “emergency fuel providers” by owning and operating a significant dedicated emergency fleet and by maintaining direct relationships with major suppliers/refiners. Foster’s primary subcontractors do the same. The emergency division stands ready 24/7/365 to assist contract emergency customers.