Fuel Quality Division

Fuel Additives


There are quite a variety of fuel additives on the market today. Knowing which to choose can be difficult without extensive research. Foster Fuels stays up to date on the latest developments in the fuel additive world and can provide additives specific to any need.

What Can Fuel Additives Really Do?

Fuel additives can solve or prevent a variety quality issues with modern fuels.Read More

Fuel Polishing

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What is Fuel Polishing?

“Fuel Polishing” is a term used in the fuel quality industry to describe a process that leaves diesel fuel in a clean, dry, clear and bright state. Foster Fuels can restore fuel that is degraded by contamination or age to a nearly new condition with this process. Read More

Tank Cleaning & Maintenance


Tank Cleaning

When it comes to tank maintenance, many individuals subscribe to the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”. When was the last time that you either thought about the cleanliness of your fuel storage tank or better yet looked inside it? The truth is, most people don’t give a second thought to tank maintenance. Unfortunately, sooner or later Read More

Fuel Testing & Analysis


The reliability of your generators, vehicles and other equipment is only as good as the fuel you put in it. High quality fuel can mean the difference between service you can count on for both daily and emergency use, and expensive repairs, business continuity issues and other problems that affect your profitability.

Foster Fuels, Inc. has been a leading supplier of emergency fuel delivery and other services since 1921. We understand the value of quality fuel and offer a range of testing services that can ensure your Read More