Fuel Additives

There are quite a variety of fuel additives on the market today. Knowing which to choose can be difficult without extensive research. Foster Fuels stays up to date on the latest developments in the fuel additive world and can provide additives specific to any need.

What Can Fuel Additives Really Do?

Fuel additives can solve or prevent a variety quality issues with modern fuels. When used correctly,appropriate additives can increase fuel efficiency, disperse water and particulates in your tank, counteract microbial growth in your tank, and stabilize your fuel for long term storage. The key is knowing what additive to use and when to use it. Foster Fuels can provide this information and the additive you need for your application.

What Additives Should You Use?

The answer to this depends entirely on how you use the fuel you have in storage. Additives appropriate for long term fuel storage at a data center are very different than those a truck stop operator might need. Every type of user has a unique need and Foster Fuels has the experience and technical know-how to recommend an additive that will meet your requirements.

Some additives on the market today have changed very little over time. The problem is, our engines, and fuel chemistry have changed a great deal especially in the last 20 years. Sulfur has been drastically reduced in diesel fuel, biodiesel has been blended into conventional diesel, and ethanol has been added to gasoline while lead has been removed. In addition to those changes, the processes used in refineries to produce your fuel have changed significantly. An additive that worked 20 years ago may even be harmful today.

How Can Foster Fuels Help?

Foster Fuels will evaluate the way you use and store your fuel and make a budget conscious recommendation for appropriate additives for you to use. Foster Fuels does extensive research on any additive before we recommend it. In most cases our own trucks and generators are using the same additive we recommend to you. Call our office today for more information about what we can do for you!