Fuel Polishing

What is Fuel Polishing?

“Fuel Polishing” is a term used in the fuel quality industry to describe a process that leaves diesel fuel in a clean, dry, clear and bright state. Foster Fuels can restore fuel that is degraded by contamination or age to a nearly new condition with this process. 

Polishing Defined:

“The removal of water, sediment, non-combustible particulate matter and microbial contamination below levels stated in ASTM D975 (Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils) while reversing oxidation and re-suspending combustible particulate matter to maintain ASTM standards for BTU value, lubricity, and cetane.”

The Process

Foster Fuels utilizes a combination of specialized equipment, appropriate fuel additives, and appropriately sized filters to achieve the goal of restoring fuel to a near new condition both visually and on a chemical level. Not all polishing methods are the same and some can even damage the combustion quality of your fuel. Foster Fuels can provide lab testing to confirm that your investment in fuel has been returned to new specifications.

Major refiners say that fuel begins to degrade significantly after only 6 months, fuel polishing can reverse that degradation and save you from expensive damage to your equipment and downtime.

Why Should Fuel Be Polished

Fuel polishing can remove water and particulate contamination from fuel as well as reverse the effects of aging on diesel fuel in long term storage. For facilities with zero tolerance for downtime, Foster Fuels recommends that polishing be planned for every third year as preventative maintenance.

Fuel polishing is also a benefit to our environment; it prevents the unnecessary waste of fuel that could be used instead of disposed of. Typical waste from a polishing operation is only .001%. Compare that to replacing the entire contents of a fuel tank!

How can Foster Fuels Help?

Foster Fuels will evaluate the condition of the fuel in your tank and provide our expert opinion on how to restore it to new condition. Fuel polishing is a specialized service, it requires experienced technicians and an in depth knowledge of fuel chemistry. You can trust your fuel investment to Foster Fuels. Call our office today for more information about what we can do for you!