Tank Cleaning & Maintenance

Tank Cleaning

When it comes to tank maintenance, many individuals subscribe to the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”. When was the last time that you either thought about the cleanliness of your fuel storage tank or better yet looked inside it? The truth is, most people don’t give a second thought to tank maintenance. Unfortunately, sooner or later that small detail you keep sweeping under the carpet will become a major headache, safety hazard and expense.

For many businesses that rely on fuel every day, the storage tank(s) in your fleet are a large investment. What’s more, the equipment that runs off of the fuel in those tanks represents an even greater investment. If you aren’t getting your tanks cleaned properly, it won’t be long until you experience adverse effects.


Many people working with fuel tanks don’t know how to properly clean them. In fact, many don’t know that dirt and contaminants are even an issue. The fact of the matter is that contaminants can enter your tank from a variety of sources. Certain levels of contaminants are accepted from pipelines, refineries, and distributors. However, over time, these small levels of contaminants can lead to big problems – including mold growth.

While cleaning tanks isn’t rocket science, it requires experience and the appropriate tools and techniques to get it done right. Our highly trained crews provide tank-cleaning services with speed and precision. We’ll save you time and money while keeping your business running clean. You won’t have to worry about issues that lead to costly downtime and equipment replacement.

Foster Fuels Tank Maintenance

Tank maintenance will not only give you peace of mind, but you’ll benefit from:

  • Friendly service from skilled, knowledgeable, and trained employees
  • Same-day scheduling and field service capabilities
  • A detailed inspection of tanks and accessories
  • The capacity to service any size job
  • Optional tank monitoring and tank replacement
  • Emergency services throughout the nation


Foster Fuels is the name you can trust in residential, commercial, agricultural, transport and emergency fuel services. With three generations of experience, our family-owned business operates with the confidence and capabilities to get your tanks clean. You’ll enjoy a safer, more productive work environment, while also lowering overall operating costs.
In addition to cleaning tanks, we also supply a range of other services. These include:

  • Direct delivery of fuels including propane, gas, diesel, kerosene and heating oil
  • BioDiesel, ethanol and renewable fuel options
  • Peerless customer care and ongoing support
  • Reliable, local service throughout the region
  • Solutions that save time and reduce long-term operating expenses

Contact Foster Fuels today to learn how a routine tank cleaning and maintenance program can keep your system like new and prevent a major costly problem. We’ll help assess your needs for tank maintenance and create a plan that takes the task of cleaning tanks off your plate — so you can concentrate on running your business.