Industries Served

Fuel Services for Schools & Universities


Education is important. However, the safety and security of students and staff trump all in an education environment. At Foster Fuels, we provide fuel services for schools and universities to include everything from emergency fuel management to fleet fueling with propane autogas. When you are responsible for the transportation and livelihood of individuals on campus, make sure those individuals have nothing to worry about except to focus on learning and teaching our future generations. When you trust Foster Fuels to provide these key fuel services for colleges and schools you will be taking the best possible care of your students and staff.Read More

Power Companies


Foster Fuels offers a reliable supply of backup fuel for power plants, and we have the capacity to deliver fast and often. It is not uncommon for Foster to fill orders of 100,000 to 500,000 gallons at one time. On the service side, Foster handles full service fueling of repair crew vehicles that provide first response following power outages. Whether your employees finish their day at a hotel, tent city, or corporate headquarters, Read More

Government & Military


Our government cannot stop, and neither can the military. As Americans, we rely on our government to help us during the worst of times. Foster Fuels is a first responder to local, state, and federal government agencies, providing emergency services to National Guard, Air Force, Marine, Army, Corps of Engineers, State Police, USDOT, Department of Homeland Security, Read More

Mission Critical Emergency Fuel for Data Centers and Information Companies


Much of the world’s business rely on computers to function properly including financial, defense, and other mission critical industries. With each passing day, the amount of data and information that is created and stored  continues to grow. Without this data, businesses, governmental organizations, non-profits and others would be at a full stop, unable to execute their duties and provide service to customers and constituents. For that reason, it is vitally important that data centers and information companies have access to the fuel needed to maintain power 24/7/365.Read More

Emergency Fuel for Hospitals


When disaster strikes your hospital will you be ready? Having a continuity plan in place is critical. We provide fuel for the building generators, doctors, critical staff, ambulances and any other emergency required equipment. Fuel is provided in a manner that allows the hospital to focus on the care of its patients with uninterrupted service by continuing their mission of saving lives.Read More

Mission Critical Emergency Fuel for the Financial Industry


With today’s financial industry coming under increasing scrutiny and regulation, businesses are looking for ways to minimize exposure and maximize continuity. Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical emergency fuel program satisfies the redundancy requirements placed on financial institutions by insurance companies to support and maintain their back up systems. However, no bank or financial firm can keep going without people. Therefore, we also provide emergency fuel for your employees so they can be there to keep your doors open during demanding times.Read More

Media Communications


Foster Fuels recognizes the importance of uninterrupted communication during disasters. As a result, we are a leader in backup fuel provided to generators of TV and Radio stations. We also provide much needed fuel direct to fleet vehicles reporting news in the field. If the power is out, but your cell phone works, then the backup generator of your local cell phone tower was likely fueled by Foster Fuels. Our customers include Read More

Property Management & Hospitality


How much does it cost your hotel to be closed for 1, 2, 3 days during peak demand? That’s what could happen if a hurricane or some other natural or man-made disaster knocks out the electrical grid power supply in your area for an extended period of time.

Read More

Government Contractors


If you have a contract with the government, there are likely clauses that require you to maintain a high level of business continuity planning. Foster Fuels guaranteed emergency fuel service helps to satisfy this requirement. You might have an agreement with a generator provider, but without fuel, a generator isn’t helping you stay in business. Check the fine print, and you are not likely to be guaranteed fuel with that generator contract. Generator companies are not Read More



Most goods and supplies that people consume are delivered to their final destination via ground transportation. During regional disasters, need for relief supplies, food, water, and ice reaches a critical point. Unfortunately, fuel supplies are usually disrupted during these times. This is where Foster Fuels steps in. Foster provides direct delivery of fuel to large transportation fleets. We are experienced in providing uninterrupted fuel to single sites with up to Read More

Emergency Fuel for Retail Companies and Warehouses


With millions of dollars on the line, large manufacturing and retail facilities need all the help they can get to avoid costly downtime. Foster Fuels has been a leader in preplanning for business continuity and providing the services to keep businesses running. You cannot run your facility at 100% with no shows and workers missing time, so Foster Fuels sets up full service fueling centers on your site to serve your employees. We will manage who gets fuel and how much. Unlike your local gas station, Foster Fuels will not run out of fuel. Foster Fuels also fuels large-scale generators that keep your business running whether it is a grocery store,  home improvement supply house  or emergency supplies facility, we will keep you up and running to serve customers who need to buy essential supplies.Read More