Mission Critical Emergency Fuel for the Financial Industry

With today’s financial industry coming under increasing scrutiny and regulation, businesses are looking for ways to minimize exposure and maximize continuity. Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical emergency fuel program satisfies the redundancy requirements placed on financial institutions by insurance companies to support and maintain their back up systems. However, no bank or financial firm can keep going without people. Therefore, we also provide emergency fuel for your employees so they can be there to keep your doors open during demanding times.

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The same goes for insurance companies. Following a devastating event that cripples the utility infrastructure, customers need their insurance company to be there. When disaster strikes, the last thing a company needs are insurance adjusters who simply cannot answer the call. Whether its providing vehicle fuel for adjusters who are first in the field or keeping an office building backup generator topped off, Foster Fuels can deliver following a disaster – Allowing you to spend your time serving your customers.

A lack of fuel or fuel quality can create a serious issue at your place of work. That is why it is so important to secure a fuel services company you can trust to be there for both routine and emergency needs. At Foster Fuels, that is what we do. You have too much to worry about with your day-to-day work, we help by taking one extra worry off your plate. Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical emergency services keeps banking and call centers running and employees at work. When Foster Fuels is taking care of your fuel needs, you are free to take care of your customers and your bottom line. Our Services include:

Fuel Security That Goes Beyond Regulation

Make sure you are always prepared to serve your customers, and know that you are in full compliance when you choose Foster Fuels for Mission Critical emergency fuel services. Financial and insurance companies will gain and maintain consumer confidence in your ability to stay up and running. Remaining fully operational in the midst of a crisis is a great way to accomplish that task. We guarantee fuel during your outage to ensure you stay up and running throughout the duration of the event:

  • Emergency Fuel Service: If you experience a power failure, we provide the continuity that is so critical to the operation of your business. With our Mission Critical emergency fuel services, you are guaranteed fuel delivery during an emergency situation, allowing your clients and team members to rest assured you are open and ready for business at all times.
  • Fuel Testing & Analysis: Don’t spend your time wondering and worrying about your fuel preparedness. We offer fuel testing and analysis that meets ASTM specifications, maintaining your fuel integrity, should a disaster occur. Both financial and insurance companies specialize in planning and, in that same respect, we prepare your facilities by ensuring reliability with our comprehensive Fuel Testing service.
  • Site Survey and Continuity: When you are enrolled in Foster Fuels Mission Critical emergency program we aide in the preparation and planning of your facility before disaster strikes. At Foster Fuels, we help you understand your emergency preparedness and where you have room to improve before a real event takes place.

With 20 years of experience with Mission Critical facilities, our services have evolved to meet the needs of the modern financial company. Our knowledge shines through in every engagement as we work with you to ensure your fuel needs are fully met.

Foster Fuels: Since 1921

At Foster Fuels, we have been working throughout Virginia and across the nation for more than 95 years. During this time, we have learned a great deal about the fuel needs of a variety of businesses, financial industries included. This experience will be applied to our work with your company, keeping you informed with our recommendations and best practices.

When you see a list of our services, know that they have been perfected with years of experience and are offered because they are what’s necessary to maintain financial institution operations. Finding a dependable source of reliable service is difficult but, with Foster fuels as your Mission Critical emergency fuel provider your financial institution is sure to remain fully operational.

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