Government Contractors

If you have a contract with the government, there are likely clauses that require you to maintain a high level of business continuity planning. Foster Fuels guaranteed emergency fuel service helps to satisfy this requirement. You might have an agreement with a generator provider, but without fuel, a generator isn’t helping you stay in business. Check the fine print, and you are not likely to be guaranteed fuel with that generator contract. Generator companies are not in the fuel business and simply do not have the resources to guarantee your fuel during demanding times.

Foster Fuels can strengthen your ability to comply with your obligations under all of your government agencies. When your contract officer comes to audit your ability to handle their contract, tell them that Foster Fuels handles your emergency fuel. They will check you off for compliance and move on.

Don’t just take our word for it…we routinely serve our military with fuel and are a trusted supplier to many secured locations.

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