Emergency Fuel for Retail Companies and Warehouses

With millions of dollars on the line, large manufacturing and retail facilities need all the help they can get to avoid costly downtime. Foster Fuels has been a leader in preplanning for business continuity and providing the services to keep businesses running. You cannot run your facility at 100% with no shows and workers missing time, so Foster Fuels sets up full service fueling centers on your site to serve your employees. We will manage who gets fuel and how much. Unlike your local gas station, Foster Fuels will not run out of fuel. Foster Fuels also fuels large-scale generators that keep your business running whether it is a grocery store,  home improvement supply house  or emergency supplies facility, we will keep you up and running to serve customers who need to buy essential supplies.

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Our services are rooted in deep experience — more than 95 years of serving local businesses throughout Virginia and across the nation. You have enough to worry about when running your retail company, wholesale company or warehouse. We worry about your fuel needs so you can take care of your inventory, logistics, customers and the bottom line. When you have fuel needs, you also need a trusted provider that can deliver as promised in both routine and emergency situations. Foster Fuels can be that trusted provider.

Services That Keep Your Inventory Turning Over

The efficient turnover of inventory is of the utmost importance when you run a retail company, wholesale company or warehouse. At Foster Fuels, we offer the fuel services your facility needs for continuous operation. Time truly is money when you deal in inventory, especially goods that need a temperature-controlled environment. We save you from down time by offering the following fuel services for retail and wholesale:

  • Emergency Fuel Service: Inventory is key to any successful retail or wholesale company. Our emergency fuel services provide dependability, especially if you specialize in temperature-controlled goods such as frozen foods and storage thereof with reefer trucks and trailers. Signing up for emergency fuel services means that you’ll be guaranteed to receive fuel delivery to your business during an emergency situation. Threats to your inventory are threats to your business, and we help limit those threats through emergency fuel for all warehouses and retail companies when and where you need it.
  • Fuel Testing and Analysis: We help provide peace of mind by analyzing the quality of fuel stored for backup power. Fuel can degrade over time leaving you susceptible to costly downtime and we can ensure that your fuel meets and maintains ASTM specifications with our proven fuel testing and polishing program. Do not get caught with an emergency fuel storage that increases the risk of failure or worse, product loss.
  • Bulk Fuel Transport: Whether you consume hundreds or thousands of gallons of fuel, Foster Fuels can meet your needs. With access to hundreds of tankers across the nation, we can ensure that your facility remains fully fueled during both routine and emergency situations. For businesses in the Virginia area, be reassured that 95 years of quality service can meet your demands. Do you have a national footprint, no problem; coast to coast, we have remained the nation’s leader for emergency fuel over these past 20 plus years. You do not have to worry about your fuel supply, we take of that responsibility for you.

These services have evolved and improved over time to meet the needs of modern businesses. At Foster Fuels, we are continuously working to improve our services for you and we use our experience to deliver the very best in fuel.

About Foster Fuels

How much does an hour of downtime or closed doors cost your business? Whatever the amount, it is an avoidable cost when you have a trusted fuel provider on your side. Choose Foster Fuels as your backup power fuel supplier at all your retail companies or warehouses, and enjoy continuous and dependable fuel delivery and related services that will keep your inventory as it should be, selling.

Since 1921, we have worked both locally throughout Virginia and across the nation to ensure businesses have the fuel they need for continuous operation, whether it is diesel, propane or gasoline for day-to-day operations or   emergency fuel. We offer a team of friendly, reliable and knowledgeable staff who can provide expert guidance as you consider your fuel options. With Foster Fuels, you can worry about the business of doing business while we worry about your company’s fuel needs.

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