Mission Critical Emergency Fuel for Data Centers and Information Companies

Much of the world’s business rely on computers to function properly including financial, defense, and other mission critical industries. With each passing day, the amount of data and information that is created and stored  continues to grow. Without this data, businesses, governmental organizations, non-profits and others would be at a full stop, unable to execute their duties and provide service to customers and constituents. For that reason, it is vitally important that data centers and information companies have access to the fuel needed to maintain power 24/7/365.

Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical emergency fuel program is essential to any company whose goal is 100% uptime. No one else in the country has the resources and supply options that Foster Fuels can provide. Your generator tank will never run dry with a Foster Fuels guaranteed emergency fuel contract. If you are a data center or information company and need proven dependability and peace of mind is at the top of your list for emergency fuel, look no further than Foster Fuels.

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Services to Keep Your Data Center Running

Continuity is vitally important at your data center. Your services depend on an uninterrupted supply of power that keeps the operation safe and secure. Downtime puts you and your customers at risk, which is why all measures must be taken to avoid it. At Foster Fuels, we help provide this safe and secure environment through the following services:

  • Mission Critical Emergency Fuel: Data centers require backup power and the lack thereof can be extremely costly.  Our emergency fuel service delivers continuity in a situation where utility power is lost and requires generator backup power for unknown lengths of time. These emergency fuel services ensure critical power supply making sure your data will not be compromised, so you can continue to serve your customers needs without interruption 24/7/365.
  • Fuel Testing and Analysis: Quality of fuel is just as important as and endless supply thereof. That is  why our nationally recognized fuel testing and polishing program is so valuable to companies that keep stored fuel for backup power. We ensure your fuel meets ASTM specifications and is fully prepared to perform when needed. There is no need to risk failure from the lack of preparedness when you have a trusted expert like Foster Fuels ensuring your fuel quality.
  • Site Survey and Continuity Consulting: Having guaranteed resources is only part of the process.  Foster Fuels takes our Mission Critical emergency response program very seriously and with a dedicated team considers each critical facility when preparing for an emergency response. Our site planning team will help your facility managers communicate faster with Foster Fuels first responders to coordinate and expedite the needs of each location. Our preparation eases the stress by knowing that help is on the way. Planning ahead of emergencies is important, we can provide expert insight and guidance as you plan how your data center will handle those unforeseen circumstances.

With our complete portfolio of fuel services, we will manage your fuel throughout the year to include: fuel testing and analysis, tank polishing, routine deliveries, and emergency fuel. Less confusion for you means more attention to the security of data for your customers, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing, when disaster strikes, Foster Fuels has you covered. You can place your full focus on serving your clientele and running your business, while we spend our time worrying about your fuel needs.

Your Experts on Fuel Services  

Through these 95-plus years of service, we have provided a staff of friendly, reliable and knowledgeable team members who can provide guidance and deliver the services you need — fuel services for data centers and much more.

Our services are always evolving to become better and meet the needs of our customers. We were not providing fuel for mission critical data centers when we first started in 1921, but we have perfected our connection between our services and the unique needs of information companies and data centers over these past 20 years. Our services specific to this industry has evolved, and we are always reacting to the changing industry environment and always responding to the feedback of the customers we serve. When you need dependable fuel services for data centers, look no further than Foster Fuels.

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