Most goods and supplies that people consume are delivered to their final destination via ground transportation. During regional disasters, need for relief supplies, food, water, and ice reaches a critical point. Unfortunately, fuel supplies are usually disrupted during these times. This is where Foster Fuels steps in. Foster provides direct delivery of fuel to large transportation fleets. We are experienced in providing uninterrupted fuel to single sites with up to 2000 tractor-trailers. And Foster works closely with federal and state agencies to provide fast relief to affected areas. Foster has also been a trusted leader in national and state level planning for large scale evacuation which includes providing fuel to stranded motorists and disabled vehicles. In addition to goods and services, Foster also supplies mass transit with fuel to move large numbers of people quickly, especially during evacuation situations.

Foster has fueled sites with 2000 tractor-trailers. We fuel bus fleets during evacuations.

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