Site Survey & Continuity Consulting


Site Survey

Our emergency plan lets everyone know where to go.

One major key to a good emergency plan is to have preplanned instructions on where everyone needs to be. This is very similar to the fire drills that we have all participated Read More

Environmental Services


In today’s world of compliance, we help with everything from disaster planning to report filing.

If you have an onsite storage tank, we can help you with recurring local, state, and federal compliance reports. Foster will make sure that deadlines don’t sneak up on you which can expose your facility to non-compliance and heavy fines. Some of the reports we do are Tier II, AST registration, and many more. We work closely with DEQ, EPA, and local first response. Read More

Routine Fuel Delivery


For 96 years, customers who want the best in service and pricing have turned to Foster Fuels. Prompt, courteous deliveries are our staple insuring customers never worry about fuel supply. The majority of customers are on an automatic fill program, which does not require a phone call. Foster Fuels maintains a quality control plan to ensure the best product for our customers. Safety and industry compliance are top priorities at Foster Fuels. Read More



Emergency Response Training Services

Do you know how much documented training your company is required to have? In today’s age of regulation, training is not just a good practice – it’s a requirement. Employee training is a critical part of any emergency response plan. In addition to ensuring regulatory compliance and helping you recover faster following an emergency, implementing disaster response training may qualify you for Read More

Water Delivery


Emergency Water Delivery

Together, water and fuel represent the two most important resources on our planet. Who better to deliver both in your time of need than Foster Fuels, Inc.? Since 1921, we have been providing long-haul and local fuel and emergency water delivery to homes and businesses. Based in Virginia, but capable of serving customers nationwide, we can quickly and efficiently get your order where it needs to go. Read More

Fuel Delivery


Emergency Fuel Delivery

When it comes to ensuring you have the fuel you need in an emergency, no one is better qualified than Foster Fuels, Inc. For more than 90 years, we have been a trusted supplier of emergency fuel for customers in Virginia and throughout the continental United States. We offer guaranteed response in any situation, whether it’s a winter storm, a widespread power outage or other emergency. Read More