Fuel Delivery

Emergency Fuel Delivery

When it comes to ensuring you have the fuel you need in an emergency, no one is better qualified than Foster Fuels, Inc. For more than 90 years, we have been a trusted supplier of emergency fuel for customers in Virginia and throughout the continental United States. We offer guaranteed response in any situation, whether it’s a winter storm, a widespread power outage or other emergency. 

Who We Serve

With a large fleet of trucks and a nationwide network of supply points, Foster Fuels, Inc. is fully equipped to provide emergency gas service and fuel delivery to customers in a range of industries. Whether you operate a data center, healthcare clinic, power plant or any other facility where backup power is critical, we are able to deliver emergency generator fuel, heating oil and other essentials to keep you running.

We also provide direct-to-vehicle mobile refilling for repair crews and transportation fleets. 24-hour service is available, meaning your fleet can get fueled up while your crew sleeps, minimizing downtime during critical emergency response efforts.

Our Fleet

Key to our ability to provide emergency oil delivery and fuel service is our fleet of fully-equipped trucks and tankers. We’re able to deliver petroleum gas, propane, diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, water and specialty liquids, fulfilling orders up to 500,000 gallons at a time. No matter what the set up is on your end, we have the equipment to accommodate fast and efficient delivery of any of our emergency fuels. All our drivers are fully licensed and receive Hazmat training to ensure high safety standards are upheld at all times.

Our Guarantee

Guaranteed service is an important part of emergency fuel management — for insurance, liability and disaster management purposes, it is essential to have a supplier you can count on in any weather condition. Foster Fuels, Inc. offers several levels of emergency fuel contracts that guarantee nationwide response when you need it. We can also provide continuity consulting to help you develop a formal disaster management plan and implement policies that will allow your team to respond better in an emergency.

As our trusted customer, all it takes is one phone call to get water, propane or generator fuel delivery — anywhere in the country!

About Foster Fuels, Inc.

As a family business for three generations, Foster Fuels, Inc. has been serving the Virginia area and beyond since 1921. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers that promote and encourage our mutual success. When an emergency strikes your area, we’ll deliver the fast response time and around-the-clock service necessary to keep rescue and repair efforts going smoothly — and to ensure the continued operation of mission-critical devices.

Find out more about our full selection of emergency fuel delivery and other services by contacting a representative today.