Routine Fuel Delivery

For 96 years, customers who want the best in service and pricing have turned to Foster Fuels. Prompt, courteous deliveries are our staple insuring customers never worry about fuel supply. The majority of customers are on an automatic fill program, which does not require a phone call. Foster Fuels maintains a quality control plan to ensure the best product for our customers. Safety and industry compliance are top priorities at Foster Fuels. Our safety director ensures that all employees are qualified and equipment is cutting edge.


Foster Fuels diversified its supply many years ago. Once, a branded Texaco jobber, it became apparent that diversifying supply options would be the key to long-term success. Today, Foster Fuels has relationships with several major suppliers.  In 2006 Foster Fuels built a state-of-the-art storage and loading facility that allows fast and accurate loading for its regular customers. In addition, Foster can pull unbranded products from over 400 exchanges throughout the United States.


Currently, Foster Fuels moves almost 50 million gallons of fuel annually. The majority of fuel is delivered from headquarters located in southern VA. Foster maintains over 400,000 gallons of company-owned storage. As of 2013, Foster Fuels owns and operates over 100 fuel trucks in its fleet. Nationwide, Foster Fuels has access to several thousand-fuel trucks that can be utilized for routine fueling.


Foster Fuels delivers the majority of its fuel with a sizeable company-owned fleet that is headquartered in southern Virginia. Foster delivers daily fuel throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee from this location. Routine fuel deliveries are also available nationwide through Foster’s over 1000 approved local partners. Customers receive first class Foster Fuels service with one simple phone call to Foster Fuels headquarters.