Site Survey & Continuity Consulting

Site Survey

Our emergency plan lets everyone know where to go.

One major key to a good emergency plan is to have preplanned instructions on where everyone needs to be. This is very similar to the fire drills that we have all participated in from time to time. Foster Fuels takes this emergency planning to a whole new level. We either use your existing site plan or start from scratch. 

Foster’s Emergency Site plans have information such as marked entry, exits, temporary fuel staging areas, building water and electric hookups, storage tanks, fill points, and much more. Our emergency site plan will have everything clearly marked so that all emergency personnel will know exactly where to be during an emergency. Foster takes this another step and distributes this emergency plan to your local first responders. Local emergency crews will be familiar with your facility and know how to help you faster.

Once this site survey is complete, your staff can easily have mock drills and run through emergency scenarios as valuable training.

Continuity Consulting

SurePLAN is an economical approach to Business Continuity Planning

Foster’s SurePLAN offers a common sense practical approach to your continuity planning. SurePLAN is an economical way for small to mid size businesses to have a practical continuity plan in place. Our basic plans will help you protect what is most vital to you and assure that your company has little to no downtime due to emergency,.

Large companies can use SurePLAN as a complement to their existing BCP. Our plan will fit in well by handling items like energy planning, first responder coordination, and keeping your employees at work.