Emergency Response Training Services

Do you know how much documented training your company is required to have? In today’s age of regulation, training is not just a good practice – it’s a requirement. Employee training is a critical part of any emergency response plan. In addition to ensuring regulatory compliance and helping you recover faster following an emergency, implementing disaster response training may qualify you for discounts on your insurance and other benefits.

Foster Fuels is proud to offer emergency response training for organizations in Virginia and beyond. Let our years of industry expertise expand the capacity of your team with engaging on-site educational programming.

Who We Serve

Foster Fuels can provide emergency response team training for organizations in a variety of industries. Our program is designed to address the specific regulatory implications and other concerns faced by businesses operating in different sectors.

Whether your organization works in healthcare, power generation, data management, media, finance, hospitality or government, we understand the critical importance of staying operational during an emergency and provide team members with tools to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Beyond our emergency response training services, we can provide continuity consulting, site surveys, environmental remediation and more.

Train the Trainer Programs

In addition to mass company training, we also offer educational programming for your upper level staff that focuses on developing more effective ways of implementing disaster relief protocols at the policy level. No two organizations are the same and, ultimately, your business and your culture will determine the best practices in the event of an emergency.

By implementing top-down training, we can teach your upper management how to run an efficient emergency response program that is tailored to the unique needs of your company.

About Foster Fuels

Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been providing fuel delivery service to clients throughout Virginia and nationwide. Our expertise and our commitment to our customers have allowed us to expand the range of services we offer to include emergency generator fuel delivery, repairs and maintenance to critical equipment, and more.

As a family business, we remain committed to providing integrity and excellence in everything we do. When it comes to emergency response training, we work primarily with businesses that rely on our expertise and experience to help them plan more effectively for almost any contingency.

A small investment in emergency response training can save you big by ensuring business continuity and protecting important assets — contact Foster Fuels today to learn more about how we can help you.