Water Delivery

Emergency Water Delivery

Together, water and fuel represent the two most important resources on our planet. Who better to deliver both in your time of need than Foster Fuels, Inc.? Since 1921, we have been providing long-haul and local fuel and emergency water delivery to homes and businesses. Based in Virginia, but capable of serving customers nationwide, we can quickly and efficiently get your order where it needs to go. 

Emergency Water Delivery Made Easy

Foster Fuels, Inc. can provide emergency water delivery to anyone in need. We work closely with a number of healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, hotels and multi-unit residential buildings to provide complete continuity and disaster management services. Whenever you face a long-term disruption in your water supply — whether it’s due to a contamination, outage or infrastructure problem — we are available to keep your business running and your customers and tenants taken care of.

We have a large fleet of tanker trucks ready to be deployed to your location at a moment’s notice. Both potable and non-potable water is available for delivery. In addition to providing delivery services, we have a number of options for keeping you connected to your emergency water supply, including equipment that will pressurize your building or facility to minimize disruption during a planned or emergency outage.

Service You Can Count On

Our enhanced capacity for emergency water delivery is provided by a large fleet of well-maintained, updated emergency response trucks and tankers. Our drivers are fully licensed and trained in appropriate measures for the safe handling of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. An in-house mechanical shop ensures any repairs and all regular maintenance items are completed to the highest standards.

For our customers, this means you can count on us to deliver emergency water and fuel in even the most demanding conditions.

Your Partner for Emergency Preparedness

Having a disaster relief plan in place not only positions you to respond better in the event of an emergency, but it may also qualify you for discounted insurance rates and other perks. In addition to providing water delivery, Foster Fuels is available to consult on a wide range of emergency preparedness topics. Our expertise can help you implement a plan that saves you money and maintains continuity in the event of almost any emergency.

We also offer both employee training and train-the-trainer services, site surveying, regulatory compliance and much more. Call our office for more information about consulting in any of our areas of professional expertise.

Call Today for 24-Hour Service

With a more than 90 year history of delivering on its promises, you can count on Foster Fuels, Inc. for all your emergency fuel and water delivery needs. We are a proud partner to business and homeowners across the country — call us anytime, day or night, for immediate service.