Community Involvement

Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been serving the community and partnering with several local and global organizations to help better the community. We believe that when our community succeeds, we succeed.

We are also proud to support and annually donate to local children’s sports organizations, participate in local events, and raise awareness for several organizations throughout our community, including:

Foster Fuels proudly supports both the Youth Girls Softball and Youth Boys Baseball teams located in Brookneal, Virginia. This organization operates to develop strong character, a right attitude, a sense of responsibility, and good citizenship in children through the use of sports.

Education and family are important to Foster Fuels. That’s why we annually donate to the William Campbell High School and Dan River High School yearbooks, the William Campbell Scholarship, and to several sports teams within both schools. Foster Fuels also sponsors a child in need each Christmas through Brookneal Elementary School.

Serving Brookneal, Halifax, and Charlotte counties, the women and men of the Brookneal Fire Department voluntarily serve the residential, commercial, and rural needs of our community. Foster Fuels is proud to participate in an annual fundraiser to help fund this organization. To find out how to donate, check out

The Foster family is a proud supporter of all branches of the United States Armed Forces and honors those that have fought bravely for our country, including L.H. Foster Jr., who served in WWII, and L.H. Foster Sr., who served in WWI. In order to recognize family members and friends of employees and customers of Foster Fuels, we created Foster Fuels’ Veteran Salute page.

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are dedicated to saving the lives of children through the help of donations. A family-owned-and-operated company, Foster Fuels is passionate about the lives of these children and their families and readily donates annually to support research and training, to purchase equipment, and to provide for the uncompensated care of children battling cancer and traumatic injury throughout our community. To learn more about CMN Hospitals or to make your own donation, visit

Foster Fuels is pleased to provide annual help to Camp New Joy, a one-week camp geared toward at-risk minority youth. This camp provides a free “out-of-environment” experience, focused on changing their lives. To learn more information about the organization or to make a donation visit

In times of need in our community, Foster Fuels wants to help however possible, and so do others around us. By offering our locations as supply drop-off points or by donating a percentage of our profits to aid relief efforts, we hope to continue helping our community stay strong and rebuild.

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Children, women and families make up the foundation of America.  To ensure a better future of all of us, it is imperative that children are able to flourish and create the future of our world.  Without the support women and families, these children won’t have the opportunity to change our world into what it will become.  It is through this idea that we choose to support our community.

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