News and Events: Foster Fuels Receives Humanitarian Service Award

On July 9th, Foster Fuels Inc. attended the Change of Command ceremony for Colonel Ronald J. Ross in Houston, Texas. Ross, who worked with Foster Fuels during Hurricane Sandy thanked the company for their service during the superstorm and recognized Foster Fuels employee and Emergency Response Manager, Will Rohrig with the Humanitarian Service Award.

“It was certainly a surprise and it meant a lot to me for Col. Ross to take a moment during his change of command ceremony to recognize Foster Fuels and to present this award to me. I have a great amount of respect for Col. Ross after working together so closely, especially during the early days of our response to Sandy,“ said Rohrig.

Foster Fuels appreciates the work that Colonel Ross has done alongside our company and welcomes the new DLA Energy Americas Commander, Craig A. Simonsgaard. We look forward to continued service with the DLA Energy Americas and working with Colonel Simonsgaard in the future.

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