News and Events: Foster Fuels Adds Second Pink Truck To Fleet

To expand its reach in raising awareness for breast cancer, Foster Fuels Inc. has added a second pink bobtail delivery truck to its fleet.

A portion of the proceeds received from propane sales by these trucks are donated to cancer research and related causes. Foster Fuels also uses the trucks to show support at cancer awareness and fundraising events throughout the year.

“Foster Fuels’ commitment to cancer awareness and research is very personal to me,” said Senior Vice President and CIO of Foster Fuels, Stephen Tibbs, who lIMG_4124.smallost his mother to metastatic breast cancer in early 2015. Tibbs is just one of many who have been personally affected by breast cancer at Foster Fuels.

The truck, which was custom built by Amthor International and Powell’s Truck and Equipment, normally delivers in Bedford County, Lynchburg, and Smith Mountains Lake.

“Brandon (Shepherd) and Darrick (Thacker) who drive these trucks are great ambassadors for our company,” said Tibbs. “I am grateful to them for driving a pink truck, and I am grateful to Foster Fuels for its continued commitment.”

Bright white and pink, the truck is fitted with a 3499-gallon capacity tank and large light pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon decal to stand out among the traditional red vehicles.

“I see a lot of smiles at the many community events where we take these trucks,” said Tibbs. “I am appreciative to be able to use these highly visible trucks to bring awareness to cancer related causes and to provide hope to people.”

In early October, Foster Fuels participated in the recent Trucker’s Parade Against Cancer in Charlotte County, VA where $100,000 was raised. Most recently, the original pink truck – which now serves in Charlottesville – was in the Propane for Life program with the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Between April 2011 and August 2015, $9,000 has been donated to the foundation.

Arial photo of Trucker’s Parade Against Cancer featuring the Foster Fuels pink truck at the front of the parade. Photo provided by WSET13

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