News and Events: Foster Fuels Team Members Complete Jet A Training

Team Members Complete Jet A Training

LYNCHBURG, Va. – As part of Foster Fuels’ on-going training and talent diversification, several team members completed their Jet A fuel training, adding a new trade to their repertoire. These versatile team leaders continually strive to develop their teams through safety-focused, hands-on training. Foster Fuels’ aviation fueling experts are ACE-certified via Shell Aviation and undergo additional training on fuel sample analysis multiple times per year.

Foster Fuels provides Jet A fuel and Jet A with PRIST icing inhibitors. We offer bulk transport as well as on-site fueling with into-plane monitoring and dispensing capabilities. Dispensing is available either over-wing or via a single port. We work with clients to find a solution that minimizes downtime while maximizing safety during the fueling process.

We also offer consultation services to determine whether or not bulk storage, flight line, or self-dispensing is right for your organization. Customers can count on Foster Fuels to deliver a dry and clean product.

Since opening our Jet Aviation division, Foster Fuels’ team has safely delivered and dispensed thousands of gallons of Jet A fuel. We have a growing, dedicated fleet of terminal-ready delivery vehicles and one of the best-trained teams in the industry. Let our team deliver uncompromised service excellence for your Jet A needs. Contact us at 800-344-6457 or

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