News and Events: How You Can Help with Matthew Relief

Foster Fuels Trucks lined up in wake of Hurricane MatthewWe want to make sure that those affected by Hurricane Matthew are still able to stay warm and dry. Although our team is working around the clock to provide relief to individuals and businesses in the affected areas, we still need your help to get those injured or devastated, back on their feet. Below are some ways you can help with Hurricane Matthew Relief:

American Red Cross

Apple has made it even more simple to donate to the American Red Cross relief efforts by adding a donation feature in the iTunes store. Check out the donation button or click here to donate.

Compassion International

Compassion opened a donation feature on their website for specific disaster relief. By donating through Compassion International, you will be providing urgent health care to those affected by the storm in Haiti. Click here for more information.


Unicef has opened a page on their website for specific donation to hurricane victims mostly centralized around children affected by the storm in Haiti. Click here for more information.


There are several campaigns launched on GoFundMe for individual relief efforts including funeral costs for some who have passed away do to the storm and those who’s homes were destroyed. Click here for more information.

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