News and Events: Update: For the Birds

In 2017, we highlighted local craftsman Chris Russell.

We have recently done a follow-up story on our partnership with Russell and his work helping to save the bluebirds. See the press release and story below.


Local Skilled Entrepreneur Creates Homes for the Bluebird

BROOKNEAL, VA – Chris Russell is a member of the community with a special talent. Russell uses his woodworking skills to supply the community with hand-made bluebird houses and wood duck boxes.

One of his frequent customers is local business owner Watt R. Foster, Jr., President and CEO of Foster Fuels. Foster is passionate about wildlife conservation and has purchased more than 100 houses and boxes from Russell over the years. He has placed these homes throughout his property in his initiative to support wildlife preservation and propagation.

Bluebirds saw a decline in population as viable habitats were being threatened by human impact. However, in recent years, their population has increased through conservation efforts like Russell’s and Foster’s.

Foster explains, “Chris creates these high-quality bluebird houses and wood duck boxes with his own hands and sells them himself to generate income and support himself financially.” Foster wants the community to know not only about Russell and his skills but also about what we can do to increase the bluebird population.

Chris Russell takes orders of all shapes and sizes. For more information on Chris or to order a birdhouse or feeder, contact Chris Russell via his father, Mark Russell at or go to the For the Birds Birdhouses Facebook page,

To view the WSET story & video, click here.

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