Academy Center of the Arts

Academy Center of the Arts


It’s important to Foster Fuels to give back to a community that’s given it so much, and one of the organizations that we give back to is the Academy Center of the Arts. We really are just the cultural arts center in delivering arts and culture to the under-served here. And we view ourselves also as a service organization, first and foremost. And, so, we look at the arts as a service for our community.

Foster Fuels likes to support organizations like the academy because one of their main goals is to support the community, and that’s one of our main goals. It is truly a place where all people, both in terms of age and socioeconomic level, are coming together. We come to share an experience, we come to share in the creation of something, and it makes us laugh, it makes us smile. It sometimes touches something that is deeply human in us. And it really makes our town a better place to live, helping the businesses bring the best talent here for their businesses.

The great thing about a place like the Academy Center of the Arts is that we have a wide range of activities and programs, so there are lots of ways to engage. From being a patron and coming to see a show, even if they think that they are arts klutzes, this is where you come, and you realize that you’re not.

We feel that we are the most successful when these seats are filled with people that we have never met before, that they felt that this is a welcoming enough space and a welcoming enough organization that they could come in here, into this beautiful space, and have it not be something that felt inaccessible, or you couldn’t touch it, or it’s a museum piece. You can just be fulfilled in so many different ways and your mind can be expanded in terms of conversation and thought by seeing the arts. And I have just been so fulfilled by the relationships that I have made by being involved in this organization. You know, we’re just so blessed to have it.
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