Miller Home for Girls

Miller Home for Girls


Foster Fuels supports organizations that contribute to youth development, and that’s why we support the Miller Home.

The Miller Home is a non-delinquent home for girls, and we take in girls ages 4–21. Most of our referrals are middle and high school age girls. Every girl has a different story, but the one thing that they have in common is that they can’t live at home. Sometimes it’s mental health, sometimes it’s behavior, sometimes it’s parents’ inability to take care of them.

The mission of the Miller Home is changing lives one girl at a time. So, we build life skills, we connect them with mental health resources, we help them with education needs. It’s not institutional, it’s not clinical, it really is a home. And we do our best every day to make it feel like it’s home, it’s happy, there’s laughter in the hallways.

What I like about our program is that we don’t remove the family piece away from the girl, and ultimately if we can fix it and she can go back home that’s a true success story for us. Our girls go on to graduate from high school, graduate from college. They start successful careers, they join the military, they get married, they have children, and they become productive members of our society.

There’s always a need here. Girls are always here. We are never closed. I would say the biggest need we have is monthly giving. Just being a participant: someone showing up or sharing things on social media. Anything that can help get the word out about Miller Home is something that’s always helpful to us.

Because of generosity from the community, especially from Foster Fuels, we’re able to provide these girls with a safe place to live and a safe place to grow and the structure to hold them accountable, but also teach them that they can make good decisions and maybe they can have a different life than what they imagined. There’s a wide variety of ways that Miller Home could be a part of your life, and we definitely hope people reach out to us and allow us to become a part of theirs.

To find out more about the Miller Home or to get involved yourself, visit their Facebook page or their website.
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