How to Prepare Your Propane Grill for Winter Hibernation

Some of you all-season grill masters are probably thinking “What hibernation? I grill all year round!” While there are a number of barbecue enthusiasts that never put their grill away, our list of grill winterizing tips is geared towards individuals who are looking for grill storage tips for winter. And if your grill isn’t going

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Harvest Festival – South Boston, VA 2015

There is something for everyone to do at the 24th Annual South Boston Harvest Festival. Come out September 26th, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and enjoy eating from different food vendors, farmer's market, arts and craft vendors, pony rides, bounce houses and more. Three different stages will also be set up for you to

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Touch-a-Truck – Lynchburg, VA 2015

Bring your kids to one of our favorite events of the year – Touch-A-Truck! From 10-3 Saturday, September 12th, the whole family will enjoy over 40 vehicles to climb in, climb on, and honk the horn including a helicopter, emergency vehicles, heavy construction equipment, our Foster Fuels trucks and so much more. Tickets are $5

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Bedford Area Chamber Business Expo – Bedford, VA 2015

Join us and be a business superhero on September 24th from noon to 7pm for the Bedford Area Chamber Business Expo! This superhero themed networking event will be held at the Bedford Family YMCA and will feature nearly 50 exhibitors, each displaying their products and services on heroic business themed booths. Enjoy chances to win

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Foster Fuels Installs Auto-Gas Dispensing Stations

Foster Fuels is proud to help schools in our community save money this year by installing Auto-Gas Dispensing Stations! When schools take this green initiative and choose to power their school buses with propane they are not only switching to a cleaner and more efficient fuel but they also qualify for rebate programs and lower

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Tankless Propane vs. Heat Pump Water Heaters: Which Should You Choose?

When you’re renovating an old home or building a new one, you’ll need to choose what type of water heater you will use. A water heater typically represents almost one-quarter of a home’s energy consumption. Two technology options are propane water heaters and heat pump water heaters (HPWH). Both are generally classified as ‘green’ options

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