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Pilot Light Problems? Let Us Help!

October 19, 2015

What is a pilot light? A pilot light is a small, constantly burning flame within most propane appliances. The only time pilot lights aren’t included is when an appliance has an electric ignition instead. When needed, a pilot light is used to ignite the main burner in your appliance. Without this, your heater system, dryer,…

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Backup Your Home With Propane Generators

October 5, 2015

If the power went out at your home, would you be prepared? Make sure your home is protected for any weather with a standby generator. With its automatic startup, your emergency generator will automatically kick in to provide electricity during a power outage. Choose a simple one-time installation or purchase a small portable propane generator…

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Emergency Response Division Ready

October 2, 2015

Even though Hurricane Joaquin is no longer expected to make landfall on the US, the East Coast is still preparing for high winds and potential flooding over the weekend and next week. Equipped and experienced to combat storms of this size and nature, Foster Fuels, Inc. has also prepared and is ready to deploy our…

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Prepare for Heavy Rain and Possible Flooding

With heavy rain expected, now is the time to prepare your home for power outages and potential flooding. Use these tips to best help prepare you and your family for potentially serious weather. Order your tank fill early: During bad weather, our timeframe for delivery may be delayed – that’s why it’s important to order your…

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