Grilling at the Big Game? Read These Propane Safety Tips for Tailgaters

Everyone enjoys a good tailgate before the big game. These stadium-side parties include tents, chairs, food, drink and much more. They also typically feature a propane grill for tailgating, one that helps make fantastic food. However, that propane grill can be a safety hazard if it’s not properly cared for. Have a fun, safe and

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Foster Fuels Sponsors 7th Annual Ranch RoundUp

2015 Ranch RoundUp Over 50 kids participated in the 7th Annual Ranch RoundUp July 9th, 10th, and 11th at Walnut Bend Farm. This faith-based day camp was created by Mark, Ann and Landon Dalton, good friends and customers of Foster Fuels Inc., to give children the opportunity to experience ranch life and the outdoors in

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Protect Your Investment With Propane Grill Maintenance Tips

Proper barbecue grill maintenance seems obvious to many of us. There’s nothing less appetizing then seeing dried, burnt food on a grill when you’re about to cook a juicy steak, fresh fish or tasty vegetables. But there’s a lot more to proper propane grill maintenance than keeping the cooking surface clean. When the nice weather

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The Best Summer Grilling Safety Tips for Your Family

When the nice weather hits, your first reaction is to get the grill out from the garage and fire it up for the first grilling of the season. While it’s tempting, taking some time to ensure your grill is safe — especially the first time you use it each season — is worth the effort.

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The Ultimate Grilling Debate: Gas Vs. Charcoal

Imported vs. domestic beer. Hamburgers vs. hotdogs. Charcoal vs. propane. The summertime barbecue debates are endless, but it’s that last one that can really spark conversation. Everyone has an opinion on which type of grill is best, with some swearing by the appeal of traditional charcoal and others preferring the simplicity of a gas grill.

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Get Your Job Done Better: The Benefits of Propane Mowers

If you haven’t heard of propane lawn mowers, these robust and economical mowers are gaining in popularity. Thanks to the portability, ease-of-use and clean-burning nature of propane, these modern lawn mowers are a smart choice for personal and professional buyers alike. Let’s walk through the many benefits of propane lawn mowers vs. gas lawn mowers,

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