Why You Should Hook Your Grill Directly to Your Propane Tank

As the summer weather begins here in Central Virginia, you may be starting to grill and enjoy your outdoor living space at full capacity! One way to get the total value of your gas grill and eliminate extra hassle and work is to hook your grill directly to your propane tank. There are various benefits of this to enhance your grilling experience!

3 Reasons to Hook Your Grill Directly to Your Propane Tank


Connecting your grill directly to your home propane tank ensures that you will not have to worry about the hassle of refilling your propane cylinder constantly. Your grill will be conveniently hooked up so all you have to do is light the grill and be ready to cook!

Don’t Run Out of Propane in the Middle of Cooking a Meal

Have you ever planned to make a delicious meal on the grill, only to find out you need to refill your propane cylinder? Hooking up your grill would eliminate the need to go and swap out a cylinder or refill your current one every time you run out of propane. Be easy on your back and forget about lugging heavy propane tanks to and from to get refilled. It’ll always happen when you have company, so make sure you are ready to go the next time you have friends over.


When handled safely, propane is a clean and safe energy source. That being said, there are still precautions you should take when handling it. Driving around with a propane cylinder in your car can cause a risk to the driver if not appropriately handled. As a result of your grill being directly hooked to your tank, you do not have to store or have a propane cylinder near your house, avoiding any risk there. You also have the advantage of having trained technicians to ensure the safety of your propane tank when they refill it.

Some Things to Consider

You may need to consider a few of these points when thinking about hooking your grill up to your propane tank.

Fixed Grill Position

The location of your grill will have to have full access to your propane tank, so you will only be able to move your grill within a 10-foot radius once it is hooked up. We can connect your grill with a flex grill hose to allow you to move the grill within 10 feet. This also allows your grill to be connected to a quick disconnect with an emergency shut off valve, ensuring safety.

Professional Installation Required

The process of connecting your grill to your tank is not a “do it yourself” kind of project. You will need a professional to install it to ensure safety. Foster Fuels is happy to send someone out to assess your grill and outdoor living space for connectivity and give you a free estimate.

Enhance Your Outdoor Grilling Experience

Contact a Foster Fuels representative to ask about hooking your grill directly to your propane tank!
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