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Fleet Fuel Delivery Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

Your fleet needs fuel to keep working.

Foster Fuels offers fleet fuel delivery from our trucks directly into your fleet of trucks and equipment. Does your fleet need diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivery? We can keep your equipment or trucks supplied with DEF for fleets!


No matter how large or small your fleet of vehicles is, Foster can deliver fleet fuel to your company. Our extensive experience in fueling fleets for the federal government in the aftermath of disasters enables us to make the right choices when fueling your vehicles.


Is your fleet in constant motion? Our fuel trucks can follow your crew and keep your operation moving without stopping for fuel at a service station. We offer fleet fuel direct to your equipment or vehicles to keep your operations moving at all times.

Why Choose Foster for Fleet Fueling in DFW

After nearly 100 years of serving the fuel needs of businesses far and wide, Foster understands what it takes to keep your fleet running. Our partnership with your Dallas area business will be founded on friendly, reliable and knowledgeable service. We offer companies many distinct advantages, including:

  • Same-day fleet fueling in the DFW area.
  • Emergency fueling 24/7/365.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Full-service capabilities.

Flexible Payments

Foster offers flexible payment methods and terms that suit your business. Whether you want to pay by check, credit card or debit card, or have a corporate online billing portal, we say yes! Want your tank rental factored into your per-gallon price? We say yes!

Contact Foster Fuels for Fleet Fuel in DFW

At Foster Fuels, we continually strive to exceed your expectations, which helps us establish a long-lasting relationship built on trust and quality services. Contact us to learn more about our fleet fuel delivery and other fuel services available in DFW.

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