Mission Critical Tech Companies and Data Centers

Foster is best at supporting mission critical facilities. If you have no room for error, call Foster.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Foster Fuels is the leader in providing emergency fuel, water, and related services to hospitals nationwide. We service all types of health care organizations including publically traded, privately owned, and non-profits.

During a disaster is when a hospital is needed the most, so having a continuity plan in place is critical. We provide fuel for the building generators, doctor and nurse vehicles, ambulances and other emergency response vehicles. Fuel is provided in a manner that allows the hospital to provide uninterrupted service and continue their mission of saving lives.

In a hospital, water can be as critical as fuel. Our quick-response water tankers deliver pressurized potable water to your entire facility. We also provide site consulting to hospitals prior to emergencies, helping hospital management develop an emergency fuel and water strategy long before a real event takes place.

Mission Critical Tech Companies & Data Centers

Much of the world’s business relies on computers to function properly including financial, defense, and other mission critical industries. Foster Fuels’ emergency fuel delivery is essential to any company whose goal is 100% uptime. No one else in the country has the resources and supply options that Foster Fuels can provide. Your generator tank will never run dry with a Foster Fuels guaranteed emergency fuel contract.

Our site planning will help your facility managers communicate with first responders to let them know that Foster Fuels needs access to your mission critical facility in times of emergency. With our full level of services, we will manage your fuel throughout the year which includes fuel testing, tank cleaning, and routine deliveries. We will even manage your tank certifications to make sure you are in compliance with all EPA and DEQ codes. Less hassle for you, more security for your customers, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing, when disaster strikes, Foster has you covered.