Where to Buy Kerosene

Now more than ever, homes and businesses that rely on kerosene need to know how to find a source that’s reliable and affordable. With a 30,000 gallon storage tank located in our Brookneal facility, Foster Fuels, Inc. can be counted on to supply and deliver kerosene fuel throughout the state.

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Uses of Kerosene

In Virginia, kerosene is most commonly used for residential heating. Particularly in rural areas, kerosene continues to remain a viable alternative to fuel oil — according to the US Energy Information Administration, nearly 3000 gallons were sold in 2012 for residential use. Kerosene can also be used in lanterns, camping stoves and a number of other small appliances.

Kerosene vs. Fuel Oil

Since the mid-80s, kerosene has seen a steady decline in popularity as a residential fuel source. Many homes have converted either to electrical heat or to fuel oil based systems. However, kerosene does offer a number of advantages that should be considered when weighing the decision to change fuel sources.

Long shelf life is one of the most important. Kerosene can be stored for years without degrading in quality or corroding fuel tanks. For these reasons, it’s an excellent choice for rural households that are not regularly serviced by fuel delivery trucks. There is also evidence to suggest that kerosene gives off fewer hazardous fumes than other heating sources, making it somewhat safer to work with.

The biggest drawback to kerosene is availability. In Virginia, kerosene fuel is increasingly hard to come by, which makes it more expensive to purchase. It is also difficult to find qualified technicians who can maintain and service kerosene equipment. If you’re considering switching your home heating from kerosene to fuel oil, contact Foster Fuels, Inc. first — we can help you assess the advantages and disadvantages to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Clear vs. Dyed Kerosene

One persistent source of confusion when buying kerosene in VA is the difference between clear and dyed fuels. Clear and dyed kerosene are taxed differently. As a result, use of dyed kerosene in VA is restricted to certain applications. Foster Fuels, Inc. can supply both types of products, so contact us directly for assistance determining which is best for you.

Experience the Foster Fuels, Inc. Difference

No matter what your home heating needs are, Foster Fuels, Inc. will work to exceed your expectations every time you need us. We offer online ordering and billing, and many other value added services that benefit you.

With more than 90 years of experience serving customers in the Virginia area, no one is better positioned to keep your home warm with reliable kerosene delivery.