Agricultural Propane for Virginia Businesses

No matter what products you grow and sell within your agricultural business, Foster Fuels can guarantee reliable and professional service. In addition to Foster Fuels, we also operate Phelps Creek Angus Farm, so we know firsthand how important having a constant supply of fuel is to keeping your agri-business running. No matter what type of agriculture business you’re involved in, feel secure in propane to take care of all your agri-business needs.

Who We Serve

In Virginia, commercial propane powers generators, forklifts, tractors, irrigation pumps, and a wide range of other machinery. Foster Fuels is proud to provide delivery and on-site testing throughout the United States. Our clients include:

  • Farms and agri-business companies
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Campgrounds and mobile home parks
  • Funeral and crematory facilities

Any business that needs propane delivery or other related services can contact us for immediate assistance.

Make the Switch to Propane

Propane is equipped to operate and meet all of your agricultural needs, including heating, powering irrigation pumps, and powering flaming technology.

If you’re considering making the switch to propane for your farm, Foster Fuels can help.

Heating Systems

Propane-fueled technology is safe for use in buildings that house livestock due to its low emissions. It also uses 15–20% less energy than indirect heaters. Its variable rate technology allows for more consistent and fuel-efficient warmth, reliably covering your heating needs.

Flaming Technology

Propane not only heats your agri-business but also controls herbicide-resistant weeds through flaming technology. An approved solution for organic farming, this application can be used when the soil is wet or during windy conditions, and it allows farmers to return to the field immediately after treatment.

In contrast to herbicide application, flaming technology more than doubles the level of weed control obtained using only cultivation. It does no damage to soil microbes, and it reduces tillage and moisture loss. This practice enables more cost-effective treatment than hand-weeding and using organic herbicides.


Propane engines cost far less than diesel irrigation engines, and switching to a propane engine can cut your irrigation operating costs by up to $4,000 per year. In addition, propane engines produce up to 24% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline engines and 11% fewer GHG emissions than diesel engines. Propane models are available in all 50 states after EPA and CARB emissions certification.

For All Your Agricultural Propane Needs

No other agricultural propane supplier in Virginia has the industry pedigree and dedication to our customers that Foster Fuels does. Contact us today for your propane needs!