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As a national propane provider, Foster Fuels understands how the process of proving and re-certifying a propane delivery fleet can become a time-consuming hindrance. Unplanned downtime during the cold season can quickly take a turn for the worst by affecting customers who rely upon timely service. Foster Fuels’ full-service propane prover team offers an alternative to time-consuming state inspections, getting your fleet back on the road in record time.

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An inaccurate meter cheats either the customer or the wholesaler. Prover testing verifies meter accuracy, ensuring vendors are distributing the correct amount of fuel. It is important to note that meters are designed to fail in the customer’s favor. By verifying a meter’s accuracy, our team ensures vendors are able to distribute fuel without loss of profit while ensuring all customers receive fair prices.


The state requires all propane vendors to undergo annual meter inspections. Additional checks can be triggered at any time following a customer complaint filed with the Department of Codes and Consumer Services. State-run inspections present several issues for propane providers.

  • Tests are performed following short notice, primarily during the busy winter months.
  • Individuals checking propane meters are the same ones checking deli scales—many are not properly trained in prover testing.
  • All propane delivery trucks must be pulled from service during testing, resulting in extensive downtime for drivers during peak season.

If a vehicle does not pass inspection, the failed vehicle is red-tagged and you have 10 days to correct the issue. The prover process begins again after you send in documentation that the issue is fixed.


By owning and operating our own prover, Foster Fuels’ team has the capability to service your fleet from any location. This removes the need to relocate your fleet for testing, saving you money and valuable time. Providing full-service inspection and repair services, our propane prover team offers a number of invaluable benefits for propane providers.

  • Mobility – Our fully mobile team comes to your location.
  • On-Site Diagnosis – Analysis is performed on-site, yielding fast results.
  • Full Service – From bulk plants to trucks, our team is able to fix it on location.
  • Downtime Prevention – We work around your schedule, keeping trucks on the road during the busiest months of the year.
  • Certification – Our experienced team is fully certified and trained, ensuring your equipment is properly inspected and up-to-code.

Foster Fuels’ almost 100 years of experience and our industry-leading equipment assures you that you will get the fleet service you need when you need it most. As a full-service commercial fuel company, we understand the need for reliable fleet equipment as well as excellent testing and maintenance services.

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What Our Customers Say

Just a quick comment about the customer service I receive anytime I need help from your store in Rustburg on route 29. WD Holland has been extremely great at taking care of me and my family. He’s a professional courteous and always willing to help either with a purchase or just a simple question. Dale also is right there with him willing to help. These men are for sure the face of Foster Fuels!  

William Gavin

I would like to especially commend your employees Jonathan and Brandon for their courtesy and for their expertise in installing the tank where I wanted and for not damaging nearby plantings and shed. They were friendly and always most professional. I look forward to dealing with Foster Fuels in the future in large part due to the quality of your employees. Thank you. 

Parham R. Fox

Called last Tuesday to have Mike come out and look about adding a new tank. He came out Thursday. New Tank delivered this Tuesday and filled first thing this AM! Always a pleasure working with them! Polite staff and crew and always go above and beyond! Thank you for superior service! 

Laurie Duncan , Your Content Goes Here