Site Survey and Business Continuity Consulting

Plan for emergencies with a site survey or continuity consulting.  Are you familiar with the concept of Business Continuity Management (BCM)? In short, BCM is a comprehensive management process that identifies potential threats and the possible operational impact they pose to an organization. BCM also provides a framework for a prompt, effective response to protect the organization should the risks become a reality. A site survey, combined with continuity consulting, is a crucial component of any well-designed BCM


Foster Fuels Mission Critical is a full-service emergency fuel provider that can help you develop a customized emergency response plan for business continuity. As part of our Mission Critical program, we provide site surveys and continuity consulting. We will also work with your current or proposed business continuity plan to ensure that your team is prepared to receive an emergency fuel delivery.


To develop a strong emergency plan, you must outline how all employees should behave in the event of an incident. Similar to a fire drill, an emergency plan details where employees should go and what actions should be taken. As part of our site survey services, we can either build from your existing site plan or start one from scratch.

Foster Fuels Mission Critical’s emergency site plans include marking the following:

  • Entries and exits
  • Temporary fuel staging areas
  • Building water and electric hookups
  • Storage tanks, fill points, and much more

Your customized emergency site plan will mark all of these areas clearly and will increase uptime during an emergency, while additionally decreasing stress for all involved during an incident. With your new site survey completed, your staff can easily run mock drills and walk through emergency scenarios. Valuable training like this improves uptime during an incident.

Foster Fuels Mission Critical will also distribute this emergency plan to your local first responders, allowing emergency crews to be familiar with your facility and able to help you faster. This approach ensures that the appropriate support is in place directly after an emergency. The benefits of a site survey for emergency preparedness include meeting your organization’s legal and regulatory compliance requirements, maximizing your insurance coverage, and protecting your reputation in the wake of a disaster.


Foster Fuels Mission Critical is also the best fuel supplier for your business continuity planning needs. An economical approach to business continuity planning, SurePLAN is a pre-formed emergency fuel plan. This plan covers basics such as:

  • Energy planning
  • First responder coordination
  • Managing uptime

For small to mid-size organizations, this basic plan will protect the most vital aspects of typical businesses. For larger organizations, SurePLAN can easily be added to your current business continuity plan. In either circumstance, this format ensures that your team will quickly rebound from an emergency situation.

Our passion for assisting with emergency fuel extends past delivery and well into emergency preparation. Foster Fuels can consult with your organization to plan for a critical event, including site surveys and continuity planning.

Contact Foster Fuels Mission Critical to learn more about the benefits of our site survey and continuity consulting services today.