Announcing Our New Customer Account Portal



Foster Fuels has launched its new and improved customer account web portal!


It is now easier than ever to access your account from home or on the go. With comprehensive features and a user-friendly design, our customer account web portal streamlines the fuel ordering process. Register Your Account Today!




Customers have access to a number of new online features and benefits including:


 Real Time Updates


Customer are able to view all past and present invoices, deliveries, payments, and service work orders at any time. Changes made to your account are immediate, providing you with instant, up-to-date information in real-time.




Advanced Account Security 


Your security is our top priority. Foster Fuels’ industry-leading security measures ensure the safety of your account information.


Paperless Billing


Go green by taking care of bills online! We’ll send an email when your bill is ready, saving paper and making your life a little easier.  All past and current bills are viewable at any time.


Automate Fuel Management


Take the work out of fuel management! By joining Foster Fuels’ FREE Auto-Fill program and utilizing auto-pay, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. Staying fueled has never been easier.


Preferred Service Plans


Make the most of your investment and apply for our service plan online! When you add a service plan to your account, Foster Fuels’ technicians will keep your appliances in peak condition, ensuring maximum performance when you need it most.


We highly encourage our customers to take advantage of these new features, and look forward to serving you online! Register Your Online Account