Our History

Since 1921

Foster Fuels is a third-generation Foster family-owned-and-operated business headquartered in Campbell County, Virginia, and serving customers in all regions of the United States and internationally. Foster Fuels began serving Central and Southside Virginia when L.H. Foster arranged with Texaco to become the area’s first Texaco jobber. He worked diligently to fulfill the petroleum needs of the community. His two sons, L.H. Foster Jr. and Watt Robert “Bobby” Foster continued his work and expanded the family-run business by acquiring other jobbers. In 1960, they started a propane gas distributorship which became one of the largest and most successful in Virginia. Through innovation and a drive to exceed its customers exceptions, Foster Fuels has continued to be an industry-leader and set the bar in customer service.

July 1919

January 1921

LH & LW split Brookneal Oil Co.

LH and LW split the company. LH assumes the oil business and—with his wife, Queenie “Inez” Foster—they continue to grow the business. LH & Inez have a son, LH Jr. Brookneal Oil becomes a consignee with Texaco (first Texaco consignee in the area). One of the original trucks bought for the company is located in front of the Brookneal office today.

July 1936

April 1942

LH Jr. enlists for WWII

While attending Virginia Tech in 1942, L.H. Foster, Jr. enlisted for WWII through the university's ROTC program. During his service he lost half of one of his legs but ultimately returned home to Virginia where he joined his father and started working for the company.

September 1945

Name changes to L.H. Foster & Sons

Bobby and Nancy have a son, Watt Jr., and the family business name changes to L.H. Foster & Sons. The business is incorporated on September 12th. LH Sr. passes away, and LH Jr. and Watt Sr. run the company together.

June 1956

LH Jr. takes over business operations

Gasoline sells for $0.15/gallon.  LH Jr. eventually takes over operations. His younger brother Bobby is involved with the family business also. LH Foster & Son continues to grow while Bobby attends the University of Richmond.

September 1960

Company name changes from LH Foster & Sons, Inc. to Foster Fuels, Inc.

OPEC forms on September 14.  Company name changes from LH Foster & Sons, Inc. to Foster Fuels, Inc. Bobby buys a transport truck to pick up fuels in Richmond. The first delivery is made to James Bailey’s Cleaners on Main Street in Brookneal (now closed). Other local companies are bought to become part of Foster Fuels.

October 1966

June 1982

November 1984

January 1989

Watt Foster Jr. now owns Foster Fuels

Bobby (Watt Sr.) sells Foster Fuels to Watt Jr., his son. Bobby and Watt Jr. continue to run the company together like the sale never happened. Bobby remains President and participates in all important decisions. Watt Jr. does everything from driving a truck to service and work sales.

May 1990

Texaco fuels are dropped from Foster Fuels inventory.

Propane is listed as an approved, alternative clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and—two years later, it is listed again as an alternative fuel in the Energy Policy Act of 1992; Persian Gulf War begins. Texaco fuels are dropped from inventory.

September 2003

September 2004

January 2006

May 2007

New Company Headquarters Constructed

Watt Jr. and Watt Sr. expand the company with a new headquarters and facility to hold the growth. Foster Fuels purchases a local propane company to expand its propane division. Foster Fuels also expands propane into Danville, VA via another acquisition.

January 2010

Foster Fuels responds to the Haiti Earthquake

Foster Fuels responds to the Haiti Earthquake in January. Watt Jr. is deployed there with his men to oversee operations. Watt Jr. is away for two months while Watt Sr. continues to oversee operations in spite of his failing health.

September 2012

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