Training for Employees

Foster Fuels is committed to its training program for all of its drivers and technicians, and the Safety Director oversees all training.

Training is ongoing and takes place throughout the year at Foster Fuels.  It includes orientation, job-specific training, safety training, personal protective equipment training, OSHA training, and hazardous materials training. After training classes, new employees are placed with experienced employees for evaluation periods of 90 days.  Most training is regulated by federal and state requirements.

Foster Fuels’ safety department conducts most training for its employees, but Foster Fuels also utility training classes and officials from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM), Lynchburg Fire Department, Virginia State Police, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety for specific training, such as cargo tank inspections.

Each spring, propane employees at Foster Fuels attend outside training classes that are conducted through the Virginia Propane Gas Association.  These classes are provided by the Propane Education & Research Council and are recorded as Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) certifications.  These certifications follow the employees as part of their training records.  Foster Fuels has well over 100 training certificates through the CETP for our employees.

Training is very important, as it directly affects our employees, customers, and community during routine deliveries and through the working tasks of our employees. Foster Fuels’ Safety Director acknowledges the CEO and upper management at Foster Fuels for supporting all of the company’s training programs both institutionally and financially.

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