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Community involvement and giving has always been close to the heart of the Foster family. Watt and Jennifer Foster and their children started the Foster Foundation in 2018. The foundation provides a unique opportunity to participate in, donate to, and give back to the community around us.

Children & Education

Children and their education are our future. Our heart is to enable the lives of children, their families and educators by supporting and resourcing their care and needs.

Thomas Road Outpost (TRO)

In 2014, Watt R. Foster, Jr. donated a 500-acre tract of land near the Peaks of Otter to Thomas Road Church to start a children’s camp. The donation was made in honor of his father, Watt “Bobby” Foster, Sr. Designed with numerous outdoor activities, the Thomas Road Outpost (TRO) opened in 2016, and provides a safe and ministry-led environment where youth can enjoy mountain biking, zip-lining, fishing, archery, building healthy relations, and more.

Learn more about Foster Fuels special connection with TRO and how you can help with their mission.


Education and family are important to Foster Fuels. That’s why Foster Fuels offers an employee scholarships program to help with employee or their children’s education. FosterGives is happy to be able to support our extended family in this way!

Back Pack Challenge

Going back to school should be exciting. But for some families, it can be financially straining. Each year FosterGives donates fully stocked backpacks to those in need. Not only is a challenge offered on Foster Fuels’ social media were any participant is eligible to win. But almost four times more backpacks are donated to area schools so they can provide essential school supplies to kids that need them.

Christmas School Giving

Christmas is the time for giving. FosterGives provides monetary support to local area schools as a good-will gesture to spread the holiday cheer. It was the decision of the party planning committee and the Foster family to use the money otherwise dedicated to a company Christmas party to instead be gifted to support the schools in our market area.

Youth Sports

Foster Fuels proudly supports youth sports organizations and their teams. Many of these organizations operate to develop strong character, a right attitude, a sense of responsibility, and good citizenship in children through the use of sports.

Veterans & First Responders

Foster Fuels is honored to support all branches of the United States Armed Forces and our first responders with fuel essential to their mission. It is the work of these brave Americans that allows all of us to live our lives in the greatest country in the world.

Veteran Salute

The Foster family is a proud supporter of all branches of the United States Armed Forces and honors those that have fought bravely for our country, including L.H. Foster Jr., who served in WWII, and L.H. Foster Sr., who served in WWI. In order to recognize family members and friends of employees and customers of Foster Fuels, we created Foster Fuels’ Veteran Salute Foster Fuels honors our veterans and active members of the United States Armed Forces. Foster Fuels is honored to support all branches of the United States Armed Forces with fuel essential to their mission. It is the work of these brave Americans that allows all of us to live our lives in the greatest country in the world. This page has been set up to honor family members and friends of employees and customers of Foster Fuels who have served our nation. If you have someone who you would like to honor, please click hereto submit his or her information. We will post a name to a picture and a bio. May God bless these brave people and their families, and may God bless America.

Brookneal Fire Department

Serving Brookneal, Halifax, and Charlotte counties, the women and men of the Brookneal Fire Department voluntarily serve the residential, commercial, and rural needs of our community. Foster Fuels is proud to participate in fundraisers and support this organization. Foster Fuels found its beginning in Brookneal and it is part of FosterGives to give back to the community that has given so much. To find out how to donate, check out

Local Volunteer Fire Departments

Foster Fuels has a team of experts in the industry and sharing their experience and knowledge with the local first responders is vital to a thriving community. Foster Fuels not only supports local fire departments financially but holds regular educational seminars to share safety information on the proper way to handle hazardous material. Foster Fuels has a dedicated safety department willing to help in any situation for the common goal of protecting families and the community around us.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer is a terrible disease that affects so many loved ones. FosterGives offers support to many organizations that raise awareness and funds to support those affected and to help find a cure.

Pink Propane Truck

In order to encourage our local community to seek early detection and annual screening mammograms, Foster Fuels is proud to own two pink propane trucks. These trucks not only make deliveries daily throughout our community, but they also make special appearances at local events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Truckers Parade Against Cancer

  • Foster Fuels is proud to participate in the Trucker’s Parade Against Cancer (TPAC). TPAC is an event where the best of the trucking world gathers for a day to raise money for the American Cancer Society and the fight against cancer. This annual, one-day event brings out truckers and their friends and families. Each truck carries a banner in memory or in honor of a loved one that has fought the awful disease. To find out more visit or y to donate to the cause, click the donate button below.


Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been serving the community and partnering with several local and global organizations to help better the community. We believe that when our community succeeds, we succeed. It is the goal of FosterGives to bring the community together through engagement and support.

Spread the Warmth

FosterGives wants to Spread the Warmth during the winter by providing coats to children and adults in need. During the drive, Foster Fuels’ showrooms become drop-off locations. Coats dropped off are then cleaned, organized by size and distributed to designated organizations. In 2019, FosterGives was able to collect 408 donated and new coats to give to local area schools and adult ministries.

Learn more about the impact the Spread the Warmth campaign has on our community by clicking the link below. Thank you all for donating!

Brookneal Emergency Assistance Ministries (BEAM)

Headquartered and originally established in Brookneal, Foster Fuels chose to partner with the Brookneal Emergency Assistance Ministries (BEAM), which is a local food pantry that collects nonperishable food items and paper products for people in need. Through the help of the community and our staff, FosterGives is able to donate food and monetarily to this great organization. Keep posted on our social media sites to find out when giveaways, fundraisers or drop-off zones are set up.

Academy Center of the Arts

It’s important to Foster Fuels to give back to a community that’s given it so much, and one of the organizations that we give back to is the Academy Center of the Arts. We really are just the cultural arts center in delivering arts and culture to the under-served here. And we view ourselves also as a service organization, first and foremost. And, so, we look at the arts as a service for our community.

Amazement Square

My name is Emily Joseph. I’m Senior Vice President here at Amazement Square. Amazement Square is a hands-on children’s museum, and we work to create an engaged community of lifelong learners by sparking creativity, imagination, and critical thinking skills. Our hope is that we can instill in all children and families a real love of learning. We work to expose children to a variety of disciplines, exhibitions that are traveling the country, cultural opportunities, and we go into schools as well to meet unmet educational needs. Without the support of community-minded corporations and businesses like Foster Fuels, frankly, none of this would be possible. As a nonprofit, we depend on our community partners to help us meet the needs of the community. By making a donation to Amazement Square, it really makes it possible for us to deliver the very best we can to this area. Thank you, Foster Fuels!


This year, during the month of December, the employees of Foster Fuels decided to collect nonperishable food items for an organization called B.E.A.M.—B.E.A.M. is Brookneal Emergency Assistance Ministry. We provide food for families in need. We also have fuel assistance, medicine assistance, and also with electric bills.

Get to know CASA of Central Virginia. To get involved, visit

Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center

I’m Jane Gerdy and I’m the Executive Director of Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center. It was founded by Elizabeth Forscythe. She built Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center to provide care and quality education for preschool-age children, from six weeks old until they start kindergarten. Foster Fuels has been a very generous donor to our program. We have a scholarship fund; donors like Foster Fuels help us to support children who are economically disadvantaged or some have physical disabilities, who wouldn’t be able to normally afford to come to a preschool. Thank you, Foster Fuels!

Jubilee Family Development Center

The Jubilee Family Development Center creates opportunities for local families to build a strong foundation and thrive through education, athletics, and occupational development. Foster Fuels is proud to support their team as they plant seeds throughout our community which grow into sustainable families.

Learn more about the Jubilee center and learn how you can get involved:

Liberty Flames Athletics

I’m Alan York with Liberty Flames Athletics. One of my main goals here, working with Liberty Flames Athletics, is to be able to provide a product for fans when they aren’t able to come to games. We’ve got a lot of audio and video mediums for you to be able to keep up with the Flames when you aren’t able to come to games. Everywhere you go, you see Foster Fuels. When these two companies came together, it’s a lot of synergy. So it’s been a great partnership and one that we look to continue down the road. Foster Fuels, thank you for your support of Liberty University and the athletics department. We cannot do it without you!

Miller Home for Girls

Foster Fuels supports organizations that contribute to youth development, and that’s why we support the Miller Home.

The Miller Home is a non-delinquent home for girls, and we take in girls ages 4–21. Most of our referrals are middle and high school age girls. Every girl has a different story, but the one thing that they have in common is that they can’t live at home. Sometimes it’s mental health, sometimes it’s behavior, sometimes it’s parents’ inability to take care of them.

Patrick Henry Family Services

My name is Robert Day. I’m the CEO of Patrick Henry Family Services. We’re an organization that has been providing residential care facilities for children [ages] six to 18 who simply have nowhere to go. I got involved because my own story is very similar to the children that we serve. I was in and out of the foster care system, so I am trying to do my part to keep that from happening for other kids. At Patrick Henry we don’t receive any government funds, so we are dependent on the generosity of our donors who believe in our mission and see our vision and help us to accomplish it. Thank you, Foster Fuels!


Foster Fuels supports Puzzled because we think autism is important and we think the community is important. Puzzled started in 2014 as a way to raise money for kids with autism. Where most all the money goes to is the Rivermont School.

Rustburg Dixie Youth Baseball

Brian Neighbors, Rustburg Dixie Youth Baseball. My goal, personally [for] myself, is to teach them that attitude and effort is the biggest thing—it turns over to the game. The contribution from Foster Fuels helps that goal because it gives us the assets to provide what the kids need here at the complex, those key assets that we need to continue this organization to grow. Thank you, Foster Fuels.

Thomas Road Outpost

My name is Jim Rebsamen and I’m the Executive Director here at the Thomas Road Outpost. Thomas Road Outpost is a ministry of Thomas Road Baptist Church. We are going to be reaching thousands of people from all over the East Coast with the gospel of Jesus. The life change that these kids experience through this place is really really awesome. This whole project would not be possible without the generosity of the Foster Family. Their generosity of giving us this property, their providing propane for all of our buildings, and the whole company has been so generous to Thomas Road to get this whole program launched. Thank you, Foster Fuels!

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