Temporary Heating Solutions

Reliable, economical temporary heating is essential for many Virginia businesses. At Foster Fuels, we know that even when the weather is out of your control, the heat doesn’t have to be. Our commercial space heaters can provide your business with temporary heating service so you can keep working in harsh conditions. Foster Fuels even carries a full line of temporary heaters as well as service you can rely on.


Working when the weather is unpleasant can be a challenge during construction projects, but here at Foster Fuels we can help make the experience a little easier. You can count on Foster Fuels to provide assistance in all your construction projects through temporary heating—no matter how big or small. We cover anything from low-profile LP heaters to full-size space heaters and will even install your temporary tanks and propane lines. Our reliability gives business owners peace of mind that the construction schedule will stay on time and reduce costly delays.


In order to keep your business operating when the conditions are harsh and unpredictable, choose Foster Fuels to provide for your temporary heating needs. We have units available that are highly portable, minimize your transportation costs, and are easy to set up in the field. This allows your team to get up and running quickly. Sign up today and start staying warm with no worries.


Foster Fuels’ temporary heaters are available in a range of different configurations:

  • Propane – Propane construction heaters are clean-burning and more efficient than practically any other fuel source. 90% of propane is produced domestically, which means prices remain relatively stable throughout the year.
  • GasolineGasoline is readily available and relatively affordable. For smaller-scale situations, gasoline heaters are a great way to get temporary heat at a moment’s notice.


Foster Fuels has been a family-owned business since 1921. Our team knows the importance of reliable, economical temporary heating solutions. In today’s economy, construction crews and other teams who work outdoors can’t afford to compromise productivity when temperatures dip below a certain level.

Our portable commercial space heaters provide warmth and comfort on the job so your team can continue to operate year-round. Let us help you assess your needs and match you with the right product. Contact Foster Fuels today for immediate assistance.

Looking for Home Heating Solutions?

In addition to carrying a large selection of construction job site heaters, Foster Fuels also sells and services products for home use, including furnaces, space heaters, water heaters, pool heaters, and more. View our current inventory by visiting one of our six Hearth & Home stores. We proudly carry products by leading manufacturers such as Kozy Heat, Rinnai, and more.