Biodiesel & Ethanol Fuel

Since its founding in 1921, Foster Fuels has delivered innovative solutions for clients throughout the state of Virginia and beyond. Dating back to 1960, when we became one of the first distributors of clean-burning propane in the state, we have embraced alternative fuel technologies. We’re now one of the biggest ethanol and biodiesel fuel distributors in VA.

If you’re considering switching your home or commercial fuel to a more sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum, contact our team to find out what we can do for you.


  • Cleaner burning, producing fewer air pollutants
  • Renewable fuel made from biomass materials
  • Reduces the burning of fossil fuels
  • Usually blended with petroleum fuels, but can be used alone

The use of renewable fuel has been mandated by the Federal Government. EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act) increased the volume of renewable fuel required to be blended into transportation fuel from 9 billion gallons in 2008 to 36 billion gallons by 2022.


Biodiesel technology remains one of the most promising developments in the search for more environmentally friendly fuel sources. Made from refined vegetable oil, biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can be used in any conventional diesel engine or generator without changing them. About half of biodiesel producers are able to make biodiesel from used oils or fats, including recycled restaurant grease. It is most often blended with petroleum diesel in ratios of 2% (B2), 5% (B5), or 20% (B20), but it can also be used as pure biodiesel (B100). Biodiesel fuel produces fewer emissions, is cleaner burning, and requires less environmental impact to process.

Biodiesel Benefits

Because biodiesel is produced from corn and other agricultural byproducts, using it helps support American farmers and promotes energy independence. Biodiesel also has greater lubricity than traditional diesel, which means less wear on engine components. Here are some other reasons why biodiesel is a great fuel:

  • Biodiesel fuels can be used in regular diesel vehicles without making any changes to the engines.
  • Biodiesel fuels can be stored and transported using diesel tanks and equipment.
  • There are public fueling stations that offer biodiesel blends for sale to the public in nearly every state.
  • Biodiesel is nontoxic and biodegradable.
  • Biodiesel produces fewer air pollutants, like particulates, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, and air toxics.
  • Biodiesel does not smell as bad as regular diesel fuel when it burns; sometimes biodiesel exhaust smells like French fries!
  • Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy.
  • Biodiesel is domestically produced.

Recognizing the importance of biodiesel fuel to the future of the American energy sector, Foster Fuels opened its own processing facility in Brookneal, VA in 2007. With the capability of a 30,000-gallon heated storage tank and computerized blending technology, we can produce bulk orders of biodiesel in grades from B10 to B99. Our normal delivery area for biodiesel is throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Call us if you need bulk or emergency biodiesel delivery outside of these areas.

Biodiesel can be used anywhere that petroleum-based diesel is used, and Foster Fuels has helped many customers implement a responsible biodiesel program. To discuss the many other benefits of biodiesel or to discuss your biodiesel needs, contact us today.


Ethanol is another popular alternative fuel that can be used on its own or blended with petroleum in any conventional non-diesel engine. Created from alcohol, ethanol is cleaner burning and is produced domestically. It provides high-quality, high-octane performance and reduces emissions. Ethanol has been used in cars since Henry Ford designed his 1908 Model T to operate on alcohol. Trillions of miles have been driven on ethanol-blended fuel since 1980. In fact, over 95% of gasoline sold in the U.S. contains some level of ethanol. Foster Fuels produces two ethanol blends—E10 and E85—which can be used in a number of commercial and household applications.


  • Pure ethanol is nontoxic and biodegradable, and it quickly breaks down into harmless substances if spilled.
  • Most of the ethanol used in the United States today is distilled from corn.
  • Cheaper ways to produce ethanol are being discovered by using all the parts of plants and trees rather than just the grain. Farmers are experimenting with “woody crops,” mostly small poplar trees and switchgrass, to see if they can be grown cheaply and abundantly.
  • Any gasoline-powered engine in the U.S. can use E10 (gasoline with 10% ethanol). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled in October 2010, that cars and light trucks of model year 2007 and newer can use E15. 

Virginia’s Alternative Fuel Experts

When you buy ethanol or biodiesel from VA’s Foster Fuels, you’re partnering with a company that has more than 100 years of experience exceeding the expectations of our clients. Switching to a greener fuel source shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing convenience—that’s why we provide a number of value-added services, including on-site purity testing, installation, and maintenance support.

We also offer satellite monitoring of fuel levels, which ensures you’ll never be without fuel when you need it. Contact us today for more information!