Safety Is a Foster Fuels Priority
Choose from the list below to learn more about how Foster Fuels, Inc. has set the bar in industry safety:

Tornadoes, Propane, & Safety

Keeping your family safe

This is information you need to know about propane safety and how to keep your family safe during and after a tornado. By taking a few simple propane-related safety precautions and discussing them with your family, you can reduce the potential for property loss, personal injury, and even death.Read More

Employee Training

Foster Fuels is committed to its training program for all of its employees.  Our safety director oversees all training at Foster Fuels and considers education and training are very much connected by education being why we train and training is how to complete the job tasks. Read More

Hazmat Compliance

Hazmat compliance is essential to the operation and success of Foster Fuels. In 2010 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implemented a new safety measurement system for all motors carriers. This new system included safety and hazardous material compliance. This new system monitors all Read More

Drug Free Workplace

Foster Fuels is committed to a drug-free workplace for all of its employees. It is common knowledge the cost and damages that drug and alcohol use can cause especially in the workplace.

Read More

Propane Safety

Important Safety Information

Appliance maintenance

LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS. Only a qualified service technician has the training to install, inspect, service, maintain, Read More