Hospitals and Healthcare

When disaster strikes your hospital, will you be ready? Having a continuity plan in place is critical and maintaining adequate fuel levels should be an integral part of your emergency disaster plans. We provide fuel for emergency generators, doctors, critical staff, ambulances, and any other critical equipment. Fuel is provided seamlessly and without an interruption to healthcare facilities, thus allowing your hospital to focus on caring for your patients and continuing your mission of saving lives.

When people arrive at hospitals and other healthcare facilities, they come believing they have entered a secure location that will safely provide the critical care they need without interruption. This safety is dependent on a fully-powered operation—including vehicles—and a fully-functioning building. At Foster Fuels Mission Critical, we help provide this safe environment by offering fuel services for hospitals and other healthcare organizations through the use of routine and emergency fuel services. We take care of this important component, so you can take care of the patients who turn to you for healthcare services.


Disasters strike and accidents happen, but nothing should disrupt the delivery of medical care. When you run a healthcare facility that cannot slow down for severe weather and other circumstances, trust Foster Fuels for your fuel needs.

Our services include:

  • Emergency Fuel Service for Healthcare Organizations: In the midst of disaster, it is important that your healthcare facility enjoy continuous power and heating. Your lifesaving and life-maintaining equipment receives constant power when you rely on our emergency fuel service. With guaranteed fuel delivery as a feature of our emergency fuel service contracts, Foster Fuels ensures you never run out of the fuel needed to keep all systems up and running.
  • Fuel Testing and Analysis: Many people worry about the amount of fuel on hand, but it is just as important to think about the quality of that fuel. Our fuel testing and analysis helps ensure you have the quality fuel needed to power medical devices and other equipment. Our services follow JACHO and Audit compliance, which means you will not be bogged down in the fine print of regulatory documents. Our experience helps us move quickly and provide expert guidance that keeps your organization moving forward.
  • Routine Fuel Delivery: When your healthcare facility depends on high-functioning buildings and ambulances, count on Foster Fuels for the routine fuel delivery that can keep them powered. The important part of routine delivery is making sure it remains routine. At Foster Fuels, we never miss a beat with our fuel delivery, always arriving and providing the promised service. While this service is typically most effective for healthcare organizations local to Virginia, we are happy to discuss your needs to determine if we are a good fit should you fall outside of our local area.
  • Site Survey and Consulting: We take the extra steps to ensure a dependable and seamless fuel supply by making site preparations for your hospitals prior to emergencies, helping hospital management develop an emergency fuel strategy long before a critical incident takes place. Planning is essential, and you can rest assured having made the appropriate plans for backup fuel for your facilities and vehicles if you experience a true emergency.

These services are designed to anticipate the unique and important needs of healthcare facilities. In the medical field, there is no room for error, which is why we provide dependable fuel and related services. We are the dependable provider that has been serving the healthcare industry for almost 100 years, and it is our dependability and customer-focused approach that has allowed us to serve these many decades and help hospitals and other healthcare facilities with their fuel needs. Contact Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical today to learn more.