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Foster Fuels stays up to date on the latest developments in the fuel additive world and can provide specific additives for any need that may arise. With the variety of fuel additives on the market today, understanding how different additives affect quality is crucial. Foster Fuels is continually researching additives to provide you with the best quality products.

Large generators that hold hundreds of gallons of fuel need the proper care and precision that only knowledgeable professionals can provide. Making decisions about diesel fuel additives for your commercial storage tanks without expertise can lead you to making the wrong changes, lowering the quality of your fuel and making it lose function much faster. Instead, trust a commercial fuel tank additive service provider that is trusted and known to provide quality service.

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Fuel additives can solve or prevent a variety of quality issues with modern fuels. When used correctly, appropriate additives can increase fuel efficiency, disperse water or particulates in your tank, counteract microbial growth in your tank, and stabilize your fuel for long-term storage. The key is knowing which additive to use and when to use it. Foster Fuels can provide this information and the specific additive(s) you need for your purposes.


The answer to this depends entirely on how you use the fuel you have in storage. Additives appropriate for long-term fuel storage at a data center are very different than those needed by a truck stop operator. Every type of user has a unique need, and Foster Fuels has the experience and technical knowledge to recommend an additive that will meet your requirements.

Some additives on today’s market have changed very little over time. Yet, over the last 20 years especially, our engines and fuel chemistry have changed a great deal. Sulfur has been drastically reduced in diesel fuel; biodiesel has been blended into conventional diesel, and ethanol has been added to gasoline, while lead has been removed. In addition to these changes, the processes used by refineries to produce your fuel have also changed significantly. Thus, an additive that worked well 20 years ago may even be harmful today.

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Foster Fuels will evaluate the how you use and store your fuel and make a budget-conscious recommendation for appropriate additives. Foster Fuels does extensive research on any additive prior to recommending it, and, in many cases, our own trucks and generators are using the very same additives we recommend to you. We customize the additives that go into your tank to ensure you have fuel that will last as long as possible.

When it comes to fuel additives for backup generators, you need products that will extend expiration dates and ensure you’re not stuck with old fuel that fails to function in an emergency situation. No matter what industry you are in, natural disasters can lead to crippling loss if your backup generators don’t kick on when they need to. Our services will save you money in the long run by helping you avoid downtime and business continuity issues if disaster strikes.


At Foster Fuels, we have unrivaled experience and awards to back up our services. For instance, we’ve received the Superior Supplier award for the DLA in multiple years. We’ve also helped in notable missions like the Haiti Earthquake and several 2017 hurricanes. Contact us now for your commercial fuel tank additive services or call the Foster Fuels team at +1 800-344-6457 today for more information on what we can do for your company.


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