Propane Fuel & Delivery Services in Virginia

Propane is a nontoxic, colorless gas that is a versatile source of energy available on the fuel market. The gas has low carbon monoxide, soot and hydrocarbon emissions when used to generate power, and it has been officially recognized as an alternative clean fuel per the 1990 Clean Air Act. At Foster Fuel, we help you take advantage of what this fuel has to offer by providing propane delivery for both residential and commercial needs.

Benefits of Propane

Propane is a clean alternative fuel produced during natural gas processing and crude oil refinement. In its purest form, it is both colorless and odorless, but when sold, it is given an identifying odor to help users detect any leaks in a vessel or system. Propane is an American product that powers everything from homes to campsites and promotes energy independence — 90% of propane is produced locally in the U.S., making it widely accessible. Additionally, propane was listed as an environmentally friendly alternative fuel by the 1990 Clean Air Act.

Residential Propane

Foster Fuels has been a trusted fuel delivery service for Virginia residents since 1921, and we will continue to reliably supply your home with propane to power your furnaces, gas fireplaces, patio heaters and more. With 95% of propane being produced in North America to power more than 12.6 million U.S. houses, this alternative fuel source is a clean, economical choice for your heating needs.

Commercial Propane

You can use propane in your commercial operations to power everything from equipment like tractors and forklifts to refrigeration units and tankless water heaters. With a reliable propane fuel supplier, your business can stay running fully powered and remain unaffected by regional pipeline interruptions or electrical grid outages. You can even get standby generators that run on propane so your business can prepare for power outages with confidence.

Our Propane Services

Since 1921, we have been a trusted fuel supplier for Virginia customers. Our friendly drivers will deliver your propane tanks straight to your home or commercial facility, and we offer an auto-fill service where we will monitor your propane usage and deliver your refill right when and where you need it. Trust us to make sure you always receive your propane on your schedule so you can take the guesswork out of restocking your fuel supply.

Learn more about propane efficiency by downloading our infographic

Work With the Virginia Propane Experts

The team at Foster Fuels knows about the frustrations that may arise from an unreliable fuel source, which is why we’ve tailored our services to give you the supply of propane you need at your convenience. Keep yourself warm through the winter or keep productivity flowing in your business by contacting us for propane delivery services today!