Tank Rental Program

Thinking of switching your home or business to propane, but don’t want to pay the money up front for a new tank? Foster Fuels has a program just for you. Our tank rental program is a cost-effective way to convert your home without a large initial investment.

UnPropane2derground or above ground, with our tank rental program, Foster Fuels takes care of you. You get smaller payments and Foster Fuels gets all the responsibility. We take care of the tank, inspect it, fill it, and you have one less thing to worry about!

Benefits of Propane

When you rent a propane tank from Foster Fuels, you can take advantage of various benefits associated with this affordable, domestically produced fuel source. Benefit from:

  • Savings — Propane is one of the most efficient-burning fuels on the planet. While its cost per-unit is typically higher than natural gas, you’ll save by using less fuel overall. And because it is cleaner, propane causes less wear on your appliances — furnaces powered by propane last 5-10 years longer than other units. The life expectancy of a propane water heater is as much as 20 years longer than electric or oil.
  • Environment — Clean-burning propane has the additional advantage of being environmentally friendly. Named an alternative clean fuel by the 1990 Clean Air Act, propane produces low carbon monoxide, soot and hydrocarbon emissions. As much as 90% of it is produced domestically, which makes the environmental cost of transporting propane lower as well.
  • Convenience — When you rent a propane tank from Foster Fuels, our auto-fill program ensures you always have enough fuel when you need it. Because you don’t have to be connected to the pipeline to receive propane, any home or business can benefit simply by renting a storage tank.

Why Choose to Rent Your Tank?

Foster Fuels’ propane tank rental rates are low enough to make renting an economical choice for both long and short-term applications. When you rent from us, we’ll take care of all the installation and setup of the unit. Best of all, you’re not locked into your purchase. If you ever need to move or switch to a different fuel source, you won’t lose a thing. Benefits of renting a propane fuel tank include:

  • Smaller, more manageable payments
  • Foster Fuels, Inc. is liable for maintaining and taking care of the tank, not you
  • Flexibility in the event of a move or relocation

Commercial Tank Rentals

Foster Fuels can also provide commercial propane tank rentals for business throughout Virginia and beyond. We have more than 90 years of experience serving clients in our region and can match you with the right fuel solution for your needs.

For businesses that use large amounts of fuel, renting your tank allows you to quickly make the change without the upfront investment of purchasing a tank. If you’re interested in renting a propane tank for commercial use, contact Foster Fuels to determine which option is best for your business!

Where to Rent a Propane Tank in Virginia

For both homes and businesses, switching to propane — whether it’s from oil, natural gas or any other fuel source — is easy with Foster Fuels’ propane tank rental program. Call today to talk to one of our knowledgeable sales representative and find out more on why making the switch to Foster Fuels, Inc. tank rental program is the best option for you, your family, and your business.
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