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Our emergency fuel program is essential to any company that needs 100% uptime. By supplying the emergency generator for your business with fuel, our fuel delivery supports your service to customers and constituents. We are also equipped to service your fuel before an incident, thus lowering your risk of costly downtime. Let us partner with you in emergency fuel service to prepare for any mission critical incident


In key data centers that store, process, and distribute large amounts of essential data, it’s possible for computers to lose all the information they were storing if they get shut down. This would undermine the company’s entire operation.

We understand that continuity is vitally important at your data center, because downtime puts you and your customers at risk. During a mission critical event, you need a responsive partner with excellent customer service. Foster Fuels Mission Critical will help sustain your safety and security through our emergency fuel services. With our complete portfolio of fuel services, we will manage your fuel throughout the year. This means you will be prepared to transition between power sources faster and with less risk in case of a mission critical event.

No situation exemplifies the phrase “time is money” better than a data center experiencing downtime. A data center outage lasting even one minute can quickly become an overwhelming expense for the company. A recent report by Verizon found that “small” instances of data loss (around 100 lost or compromised records) cost businesses an average of $18,120 to $35,730. Once you consider lost revenue and productivity, cost to recover, and the cost of intangibles, this total overall estimation makes sense and means that downtime for any length of time is an unacceptable situation.

Continuity Preparation Includes:

Keep your data secure for your customers even when disaster strikes. With our services, you can place your full focus on serving your clientele and running your business while entrusting the question of fuel supply to us. No one else in the country has the resources and supply options that Foster Fuels can provide. We offer emergency backup power for data centers and other services that help your company avoid the heavy monetary loss associated with downtime.

When you partner with Foster Fuels Mission Critical, you receive advantages that mitigate disaster effects. A contract with us includes:

  • Availability: When a single minute of downtime in an emergency leads to thousands of dollars lost, waiting isn’t an option. That’s why we’re available 24/7/365 during critical events—we’ll be there quickly with your data center’s emergency fuel delivery.
  • Guarantee: Many companies refuse to use the word “guarantee,” but that’s exactly what a contract with Foster Fuels Mission Critical gives you when it comes to fuel delivery during an emergency situation. We provide guaranteed response agreements, priority agreements, and disaster preparedness plans so you have peace of mind that if something goes wrong, we’ll have you covered. Our Emergency Fuel Contract Guarantee keeps your fuel levels where they need to be in all situations.
  • International Coverage: Licensed in all 48 congruent states, we offer strategic services like routine and emergency fuel for data centers nationwide. Our service abilities do not end there. We have provided fuel internationally to Canada, Haiti, and Puerto Rico to name a few.
  • Experience: When it comes to keeping your company running, we have the experience that keeps you prepared in any critical situation. Foster Fuels is a federal government prime contractor that has been around for almost a century. We have worked on countless notable missions, from the Haiti earthquake and Superstorm Sandy, to 2017 Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and so many more. We have provided unrivaled, successful service for data centers in unthinkable situations throughout the years.
  • Awards: We have been awarded the title of Superior Supplier for the DLA every year since 2014 and we’re committed to keeping our track record of great service and fast response intact.

Contact Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical Division to learn more about how we can provide 100% uptime for your data center.


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