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Assets for Sale / Truck and Equipment Rental

Interested in purchasing or renting fuel cubes or trucks for on-site fueling?

Reliable On-Site Fuel Solutions for Your Business

Foster Fuels offers a variety of fuel storage and delivery options tailored to suit the location, duration, and volume of fuel required to guarantee 100% uptime for your site’s specific equipment needs. Our fuel storage and supply options are ideal for: generator power, construction, restaurant, agricultural, transportation industries and emergency fuel needs.

  1. Fuel Storage Tanks:
    • Various types of fuel storage tanks are available for sale and lease, with fuel cube sizes ranging from 250 to 19,000 gallons and propane tanks ranging from 20 to 30,000 gallons or more.
    • Suitability varies for different industries, such as construction, agriculture, or transportation, and the duration of the need for fuel at a specific site.
  2. Fuel Cubes:
    • Fuel cubes are mobile and compact.
    • We sell and lease 250 to 19,000 gallon sizes and configurations available to meet varying needs.
    • Fuel Cubes are ideal and efficient for temporary and remote operations.
    • Learn more about Foster Fuels Fuel Cubes here:
  3. Fuel Truck Rentals:
    • Foster Fuels has a fleet of fuel trucks available for rent with varied capacities and specialized features to suit specific site needs.
    • Foster offers flexible and convenient options for on-site fueling for different projects or events. Our equipment is best- in c-lass and maintained by in-house certified service technicians. Our drivers are available for dedicated refueling for short and long-term outages and projects.

To request a quote or for info on our current inventory for sale or lease, contact our team today!