Reefer Fuel Delivery Services

Whether your business relies on frozen turkeys being delivered ahead of the Thanksgiving rush or candy arriving right on time for Halloween, refrigerated—also known as reefer—trailer direct refueling services from Foster Fuels are critical to transporting and storing goods in climate-controlled environments.

So much depends on the precisely timed delivery of goods these days. Add in the extra factor of those goods being perishable, and it’s clear they must be transported in trailers with refrigeration capabilities. There’s simply no room for error when it comes to direct reefer fuel delivery for refrigerated trailers.

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If your reefer trailers run out of fuel, their refrigeration generators will shut down, resulting in the subsequent loss of goods on those trailers. Considering this, you obviously can’t afford anything less than the most trusted reefer fuel delivery services. Fortunately, fueling for refrigerated trailers does not have to be a hassle when you work with our dedicated team at Foster Fuels.

To put it plainly, we’re not your average fuel company. At Foster Fuels, we pride ourselves on being your complete fuel solution with an extensive nationwide network of coast-to-coast supply points and partnerships.

Our numbers say it all: each year, we’re entrusted to deliver more than 50 million gallons of fuel across the U.S.

Our guaranteed 24/7/365 fast response time means we’re uniquely qualified to meet the demanding schedule associated with fueling for refrigerated trailers. And if it’s on-site reefer fueling you want, we’re happy to accommodate your needs.


Reefer fuel, also known as reefer trailer fuel, is a specific type of diesel fuel that is used exclusively in off-road vehicles. This diesel fuel is easily distinguishable by its vibrant red color. Unlike regular diesel fuel, reefer fuel is not subject to road tax due to its designated usage in vehicles that do not operate on public roads or highways.

Using reefer fuel in on-road vehicles, like trucks, is strictly prohibited and can lead to severe consequences. On-road fuel, including diesel and gasoline, is taxed, while off-road fuel like reefer fuel is not. The usage of reefer trailer fuel in the primary engine tanks of a truck can result in hefty fines for both the operator and the trucking company, depending on the state where the violation occurs. These fines can amount to as much as $10,000.

It is important to understand the distinction between reefer fuel and regular diesel fuel to avoid any costly mistakes. Reefer fuel is solely intended for off-road use and helps reduce operating costs for vehicles such as reefer trailers. Remember, always use the appropriate fuel for your vehicle to avoid potential legal and financial ramifications.


Tractor fuel, also known as number two diesel, is a specialized type of diesel fuel customized to suit the specific climate conditions of a locality. Historically, tractor fuel was comparable to low-grade diesel, resembling kerosene. However, modern tractor fuel has undergone a transformation and now falls under the category of number two diesel. In the distillation process of crude oil, this unique fuel finds itself somewhere between gasoline and traditional diesel. Its composition and properties make it different from other fuels, catering specifically to the needs of tractors and their engines.


Reefer fuel is primarily used on refrigeration trucks. It can also be used in construction, agriculture and any other off-road equipment that does not operate on a highway and the government requires fuel tax.

Tractor fuel, however, is a standard number 2 diesel. This fuel is low-grade and is in between gasoline and diesel when the distillation of crude oil happens.


The lessons to be learned about reefer trailer fueling are threefold. First, considering your temperature-sensitive cargo, you never want your reefer trailers’ generators to run out of fuel. Since using on-road fuel would incur higher costs, you also want to be sure you have regular access to high-quality off-road reefer trailer fuel. And lastly, to prevent any possible fines or penalties associated with mixing up on-road and off-road fuels, you want responsible diesel refueling services both on and off-road.

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Just a quick comment about the customer service I receive anytime I need help from your store in Rustburg on route 29. WD Holland has been extremely great at taking care of me and my family. He’s a professional courteous and always willing to help either with a purchase or just a simple question. Dale also is right there with him willing to help. These men are for sure the face of Foster Fuels!  

William Gavin

I would like to especially commend your employees Jonathan and Brandon for their courtesy and for their expertise in installing the tank where I wanted and for not damaging nearby plantings and shed. They were friendly and always most professional. I look forward to dealing with Foster Fuels in the future in large part due to the quality of your employees. Thank you. 

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Called last Tuesday to have Mike come out and look about adding a new tank. He came out Thursday. New Tank delivered this Tuesday and filled first thing this AM! Always a pleasure working with them! Polite staff and crew and always go above and beyond! Thank you for superior service! 

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