If you are a food producer, supplier, retailer or anywhere along the food distribution chain, the quality of your refrigerated, or “reefer” trailer is vital to your operation. The ability to keep food products cold during transport to maintain their quality and help ensure they arrive unspoiled at their next stop along that chain is one that you cannot afford to compromise.

Without temperature-controlled trucks or trailers to keep things cold, transporting perishable products all the way from the farm to the grocery store would be impossible for all but the closest of distributors.

No matter how many reefer trucks you have or how well they do their jobs, they can’t get anywhere without fuel. And if you are a large supplier or distributor, we are talking about a lot of fuel. Stores like Walmart, Amazon and major grocery chains could have hundreds or even thousands of trucks.

That’s why you must have a reliable fuel source at all times. You have a lot to worry about when it comes to making sure your perishable food products get safely to their destinations, the last thing you need is to concern yourself with whether or not your reefer trucks have enough fuel to get to where they need to go.

Reefer Fuel vs. Diesel Fuel

Even if you already have a regular source of diesel fuel for your retail truck fleet, it’s important to realize that reefer fuel and diesel fuel are not quite the same. Reefer fuel is considered an off-road fuel. It is distinguished by its red color and is not taxed the way on-road diesel fuel is. You could use your regular diesel fuel in your refrigerated trucks, but if you do, you are giving away money. You cannot, on the other hand, use off-road fuel in your regular on-road diesel trucks unless you want to pay a hefty fine.

Contact Foster Fuels for Reliable Fuel for Reefer Trucks Now

For decades, Foster Fuels has been a trusted fuel provider for refrigerated trucks. We can make sure you always will be able to access a reliable supply of off-road reefer trailer fuel. We can provide your standard diesel fuel as well. We’ll also take steps to make sure you never mix up the two, so any logistical refueling issues are off your plate.

If one or more of your refrigerated trucks runs out of fuel at an inopportune time, or your trucks are waiting in their bays too long for fuel to arrive, an entire shipment could be lost — which can be a costly situation for you. Arrange for regular fuel delivery with Foster Fuels, and we can make sure that never happens. Our dedicated team ensures businesses have the fuel they need, when they need it.

We are stationed throughout the 48 contiguous U.S. states and deliver over 50 million gallons of fuel across the country every year. To find out about reliable Foster Fuels fueling for your refrigerated trucks, contact us today.